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Over 33 thousand SFedU students the data have already had the opportunity to appreciate the advantages of studying at SFedU, some of which are listed below. The global stength of our reputation and qualifications. In its academic activities it combines studies with fundamental and applied science, as well as cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches.

For the May session, results are issued on 5 July.

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Schools can also receive a range of different types of feedback on their students' performance. Award-winning researchers holding over international patents work and teach at SFedU. There are 28 programs that have undergone international accreditation. SFedU researchers strive to exchange experience with foreign colleagues and frequently visit international conferences.

Distributing grades to universities As soon as results are released, the IB is able to distribute grades to universities around the world. Members of the alumni network receive a quarterly newsletter, as well as opportunities to connect with graduates from all over the world.

These are in May and November.

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Students who will graduate in the next two years are encouraged to join. Arriving Overview About us Southern Federal University is a modern research university with emphasis on innovations and entrepreneurship. SFedU traces its history back to They will be able to do so one day after results are issued: Each program contains a number of core courses, but apart from them students can choose between elective courses.

International dimension SFedU strives to make sure that all the study programs we offer are kept in line with international standards and the principles of the Bologna Declaration.

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Watch all our alumni portraits Join the IB's global alumni network The IB is extremely proud of its graduates, and the alumni network connects them with one another and with the IB community. High Scopus citation score bears evidence to the importance of our scientific publications.

For example, students who took exams in November will receive their results in January The IB has summaries of previous DP exam sessionsincluding comparisons with previous years. For the November session, results are issued on 3 January, in the year following the exam.

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Great diversity and flexibility of study programsSFedU applicants can pick and choose from a range of Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate degree programs in a broadest range of sciences and humanities: Requesting that exams are remarked After the results have been issued, schools can request re-marks for particular students if they feel the result is undeserved.

SFedU maintains partnership links with numerous highly-reputed universities and research centers worldwide. It is also possible to apply for several programs. Up-to-date research facilities and opportunities for young researchers SFedU is proud of its numerous research institutes dating back to the Soviet era, but equipped with cutting-edge facilities.

We foster diversity and welcome international exchange and cooperation. If you wish to do so, please contact us.