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As of the June 3rd, Build, a "Kidnapping Checklist" will appear onscreen when entering the storage room, informing Yandere-chan if she is currently meeting all of the criteria to perform a kidnapping. She can access this action by befriending the target beforehand by completing a taskor by having a high Seduction level.

Yandere-chan will then transport Musume back to her father's business. To find where the key is, the player must poison a student's lunch possibly non-lethallyand then retrieve the tranquilizer and syringe while Nasu is distracted.

The target will scream when tranquilized and Yandere-chan's sanity will decrease. They will look at her wherever she goes. Musume, in addition to being tied up, will also wear a white blindfold. The next day, the School Atmosphere will decrease by 5 points because a student went missing without explanation.

The police finding Kokona. Yandere-chan must possess a syringe with a tranquilizer inside it, both of which can be found in the infirmary.

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She is then able to torture the student sverweis vba yandere dating sites leave them. The leader of the Occult Club missing. If the police are called because of a murder, they will find online dating aberystwyth hymn student and take them out of the case.

The next morning, Yandere-chan can go down to her basement before going to school and the student will be there, secured to a chair.

If the student was a club leader, then the club will be closed because the members do not know what to do with their leader missing. If the player tries to kidnap Kokona Haruka and frame her, when the police arrive, they will find her sleeping in the case and assume that she hid from the police.

After the school day ends, Yandere-chan will leave the school and come back during the night to pick up the victim, pretending to be a musician from a late-night show.

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Yandere-chan must get to Rank 1 in Biology so that she knows how to properly attack with a syringe without accidentally killing the victim.

In order to befriend Kokona, the player will have to kidnap Musume Ronshaku. Yandere-chan must also be able to ask the target to follow her. Musume will be extremely traumatized after the kidnapping. However, in the future, Nasu Kankoshi will always be on guard and vigilant about keeping an eye on anyone in her office, and the items will not be easily obtainable.

If Yandere-chan doesn't meet all the criteria, she will kill the victim instead. Once they are tranquilized, Yandere-chan must place the body into the case. Kidnapping after November 15th. Alternatively, she can write the target a note asking them to meet in the storage room at a designated time.

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There is already a box there, but in the future, one must get a Panty Shot Favor from Info-chan for it. The police finding Kuu Dere. She must also have a case to store the body inside the northeastern storage room on the first floor, as of the November 15th, Build.

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Old Fundoshi Panties will make the process of levelling up her Biology stat easier. YandereDev plans to have the nurses hide powerful medicines in a locked container, keeping the key hidden in a different place every week.

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The player can record Musume begging for help and the video will be sent to her father. If a rival is betrayedthey will be tied up in the basement the next day.

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Currently only Kokona Haruka can be lured in with the last method; however, due to a bug, she is always killed with the syringe even if Yandere-chan has the prerequisites for kidnapping. After tying up her victim, Yandere-chan will be so exhausted that she will go automatically to sleep and wake up the next day.

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She will then be arrested. The requirements for kidnapping from "How to kidnap a girl in Yandere Simulator". The checklist makes sure that Yandere-chan is possessing a tranquilizer, their biology stats are at level 2, the follower is female, a syringe is currently being held in the hand, and that the door is closed.

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