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In no time in the recent past, I remember the common man with such an ability to bring his voice to the forefront and raise his concerns. Every citizen has a right to have the most proactive government that works for our welfare or ensuring our safe future.

Should they be banned? I hesitate to use the word 'victim' but the reason I hesitate is because, for somebody to go through an experience like this and stand up and fight it, she's a hero.

I think it's a matter of expectations fulfilled or not fulfilled, and they are two tadimalla rajani s&mdating issues. Where does helping hands stop and dependency begin? So there are two scenarios where a family is ready to name the victim and on the other side, when an actor is criticized for naming the victim Do you think that in the future you might take a decision of coming into politics?

It has to be identified and looked at differently.

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I would like this to be taken in a positive manner and then when you figure out what is not right, how do you deal with situations or what are your personal obligations to yourself and the society.

In one of the scenarios that we have recently seen, actor Kamal Hassan is naming the victim. Let me focus on what I really need to be doing at this time. The film fraternity is facing a lot of turmoil right now. Otherwise, the content you want might end up in a nasty spam filter.

There was nothing political about hook up 2 tvs 1 cable box. These are decisions taken on an administrative and policy level and it's not about South India and North India.

No, no, it is not about apologizing. We should look within ourselves and be honest about what we want and who we need to be and also need to realise what our place is in society.

Politics has been an integral part of cinema and we have seen that from MGR, Jayalalithaa and not just in Tamil Nadu, but across the country, a lot of actors are turning politicians.

Like how we learn from their positives, we should learn from their negatives as well. It's not about first or second class citizens but it is a fact that in a society, whether film industry or otherwise, those that perceive themselves to be stronger will try to prey on those that they think are weaker, if they have that kind of a moral make up.

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So the repercussions of one act of violence doesn't stop with that one person. If you receive a newsletter or email and decide you don't like it, simply click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. It's a vast field. Always, wherever there is violence and exploitation of anybody in society, there should be a collective strength that stands up to and fights that violence.

Your email address is safe with us. There's a difference between someone who's already known and someone who's a new person trying to make a name. It is my duty, when I have that ability, when that thought occurs to me and I feel strongly about it, to voice that question.

Tollywood is going through a setback as well with a few of the actors being named in the drug racket Along with it, you have to acknowledge media, people on a public platform like television, film, whatever, a celebrity has an incredible ability to impact people around them.

His Wembley concert had a lot of people walking out and asking for reimbursements. That being said, there's always a time and place for a new effort to come up. We have also seen in an earlier instance, when we are talking about Nirbhaya, her mother came out and said my daughter has a name. I think for the society, as a whole, what has been highlighted through all this is the most important need to address the issue of violence against women.


Don't forgot to share your voice with your friends! An actress had been abducted, raped and now, another actor's name has cropped in the case No, there has not been a response. Have you got any answers to those questions? It has a ripple effect through society that is truly devastating.

No contact with Kamal Haasan since parting ways: Gautami Tadimalla | The Indian Express

Get more like it delivered to your inbox daily. There are also people who exploit. There's a lot that needs to be done and many pressing issues that need to be addressed, both on a policy-framing level as well as executing steps to implement that policy.

I was doing engineering and then came into the film industry. It's a beautiful time, it's a process of growth and it is something so wonderful. One is of the girl's mother who has come forward and said, 'Name my child because I want her fight and her struggle and her heroism to be recognized by name.