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Where the Professional obtains such authorisation from Parrot, the Professional must download the estimate from the Site and then upload the signed estimate, or the order form corresponding to this estimate to the Site when finalising their order.

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The Client shall communicate to the Customer Service his or her contact details, the order number, the name and flirting with my mailman jacksonville nc of items concerned, and the reason for the return.

If the defect is accepted under the warranty, the Client will be told about the return procedure. In order to exercise his or her cancellation right, the Consumer must notify Parrot of his or her decision to cancel the order by any declaration devoid of ambiguity via the "Customer Service" section on the Site.

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A Product is considered to be defective within the meaning of the present warranty if the defect reported by the Client is confirmed by Parrot with reference to the conditions of normal use. The Consumer may benefit from discount codes.

The Client further represents and warrants that he or she is not located in, or under the control of any country embargoed by the United States. The Products remain the property of Parrot until the price has been paid in full.

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If an estimate has been issued by the Professional, the latter must send this signed estimate or an order form via the Site to enable Parrot to accept the order.

Parrot may at its sole discretion authorize the Professional to pay on receipt of the invoice by transfer.

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Entire Agreement; Severability; Language These Terms and Conditions together with the Privacy Charter and Terms of Use applicable to the Site constitute the final, complete, exclusive and entire agreement between the Client and Parrot with respect to his or her purchase of Products from the Site hereunder, and supersede any contemporaneous or prior agreements, correspondence or information, oral or written.

In the event that any portion of these Terms and Conditions shall be held to be unenforceable, the remaining portions of these Terms and Conditions shall remain in full force and effect. The shipping charge shown during the checkout process is subject to verification. The Professional may incur extra shipping charges if the selected destination of the Product is located outside of the continental United States such as remote lands e.

Intellectual Property Parrot does not transfer to you or license to you in any manner any patent, trade secret, trademark, service mark, copyright or other intellectual property right related to our brand, name or products, other than the right to incorporate or use the products purchased by you from us or as otherwise set forth in this agreement.

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The Consumer undertakes to respect their conditions of use. Shipping charges are subject to change without notice. The sale of Products to professionals for their reselling activity distributors, wholesalers, retailers, pure players is governed by specific terms and conditions of sale. The Client has the right to modify and delete his or her personal data.

The Consumer may incur extra shipping charges if the selected destination of the Product is located outside of the continental United States such as remote lands e.

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If we determine after inspection that the Product s is not covered by the warranty, it will be returned to the Client at his or her sole cost and expense. Parrot shall have no obligation or liability whatsoever arising out of or in connection with any such failure.

Talking parrot for sale

If the credit card cannot be verified, is invalid or is otherwise not acceptable, his or her order may be suspended or cancelled. Force Majeure Failure of Parrot to make any delivery or portions thereof when due or perform hereunder, if occasioned in whole or in part by any act of God or other act beyond the reasonable control of Parrot, including, without limitation, fire, explosion, flood, drought, war, any act of terrorism, riots, civil insurrection, sabotage, accident, embargo, governmental priority, compliance with law or regulations, requisition, shortage or failure of supply of materials or labor, strikes or other labor trouble, or unforeseen circumstances, shall be excused.

Sales Tax Parrot do not collect sales or use taxes in all states within the United States. If the delivery address is erroneous, Parrot will contact the Consumer to obtain the correct address.

Any obligations and duties which by their nature extend beyond the expiration or termination of this agreement shall survive any expiration or termination of these Terms and Conditions.

Upon shipment of the order, the Professional will receive a confirmation email that will contain his or her order number, a shipment tracking number and a copy of the order receipt.

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If a package is damaged on delivery, the Professional must refuse the parcel, tell the carrier of his or her reservations, and contact Parrot under the "Customer Service" section of the Site.

The Consumer is reminded that, as soon as he or she takes physical possession of the Products ordered, the risks of loss or damage of the Products are transferred to him or her. Contact Us The Client can send any questions or comments regarding this Site or his or her order by email by contracting our Customer Service https: Errors We attempt to be as accurate as possible; however, we do not warrant that all Product descriptions, photographs, pricing or other information on the Site is accurate, complete, current, or error-free.

Products or parts replaced under the warranty become the property of Parrot. By submitting his or her order, the Professional represents and warrants that: The Professional may benefit from discount codes.