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Design screen graphics; iv. Writes scripts and continuities and prepares programmes for radio and television products; iii. Perform any other related duties as may be assigned by the supervisor. Knowledge in word processing, graphics, photographing, photo-editing and video shooting will be an added advantage.

Perform any other related duties as may be assigned by Supervisor. Gathers and writes news and stories; ii. Interviews politicians and other public figures at press conferences and on occasions, including individual interviews recorded for radio or television; v.

Carry out servicing and maintenance work of technical equipment under supervision of experienced technician; iii.

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Participate in developing a shooting programme; v. We explain what to do after being issued your license We advise on the radio equipment to meet your needs We install everything you need, not just studio equipment, but transmitters, sound proofing, internet access - even furniture Our project manager acts as your go-to person at every stage of the project We train your team to use the equipment For stations already broadcasting: Performs other related duties as may be assigned by the Supervisor.

Selects, assembles and prepares publicity materials about business or other organizations for being broadcast through radio, television or other media; viii. Directs technical personnel to achieve photographic effects; and vii.

Assist in production of education development programmes; v.

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Demonstrates illustrative skills with rough sketches; v. We offer peace of mind as we navigate you through the process of setting up your radio station from start to finish.

Produce video artistic jingles and animation; vii. Selection and production of music programmes; iv.


Determines camera, video tape and lighting equipment to be utilized; vi. For new radio license holders: Our Partners in Tanzania.

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We have partnered with several public bodies in Africa. Not more than 45 years.

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Load and unloads camera, cleans and place lenses, filters, extension tubes and makes; iii. Writes editorials and selects, revises, arranges and edits submitted articles and other materials for broadcasting on radio or television; vi.

Collects, reports and comments on news and current affairs for broadcasting by radio or television; iv. Ensure proper maintenance of all equipment at workplace; and iv. Assist in production of radio programmes, drama and light entertainment; iii.

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Design artistic material for news, programmes and commercial adverts; iii. We listen to your needs and advise on whether an upgrade or migration to digital studio equipment is necessary We create bespoke packages to suit your station requirements and budget We understand how this will benefit your radio station We use our experience to ensure you upgrade your radio equipment without interrupting your broadcasting schedule.

Design artistic graphics for promotion; ii. Assist in undertaking production of television programmes; ii.


Computer skills are essential. Edit video and audio promotion materials; vi.

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Carry out technical operations; ii. Participate in shooting various events; iv. Clyde Broadcast is a specialist within the radio industry, our range of experience means our team can work out the best specification to meet your needs, walk you through all the best equipment options, install your studio and then train your staff before you go live.

Computer skills will be an added advantage. Writes advertising copy promoting particular products or services; vii.