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The real-time video can also be used for early detection of points of interest, after which a more thorough investigation during the same survey can follow.

The ThermoInspector system has been proven to work in many various area of industry: The ThermoInspector system is well-established in numerous areas of industry: It is also placed in a conductive anti-static bag to protect from electrostatic discharge damage.

Why Tau SWIR?

Diversion contrary to US law is prohibited. The premium model is customised for thermographic inspection of photovoltaic plant, which is one of many specialised applications it can be used for.

The mT-Panoptes integrates hardware - FLIR TAU2 megamaid dating camera or TIR channela HD videocamera VIS channel - and a customizable software application with real time and geospatial features assisting the users during the survey and the subsequent data processing up to the automatic production of the final Report of the inspection.

It be used in a wide spectrum of applications; its first release is focused on the inspection of photovoltaic plants. All rights reserved worldwide.


It is a compact system that combines a thermal camera, a digital camera set to a visible spectrumand a processor unit that has possibility to record radiometric data with a digital HDMI output, all in one case.

It also displays on a map the drone position during the flights and allows to import raster base maps eg.

Report generation The software Solar Inspector associated with mT-Panoptes allows you to describe and map all points of interest identified during inspections eg.

Lightweight mt-Panoptes is extremely lightweight.

USB3 and GigE modules for FLIR TAU2 sensors | Workswell s.r.o.

The ThermoInspector system has been successfully proven to work in many operating units due to fast installation, easy operation and the universal character for each environment.

The flash light thermally excites the material under inspection. The supplied software is based on a GIS platform and allows you to see at any time the position of the carrier, the route followed, the footprint of each video frame and the actual data coverage.

The final result of this process is a report that is automatically generated.

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Thermal imager can be used to recognize even small temperature differences, while the camcorder can be used to improve thermal analisys or to document the environment in which thermal images are taken. Recording prevents the loss of information and solves problems related to possible transmission faults.

Page 5 Introduction The Tau is a long-wavelength 8 — 14 microns uncooled microbolometer camera designed for infrared imaging applications that demand absolute minimum size, weight, and power consumption.

This means that every detail of the design has been studied to ensure lightness and low energy consumption. The mT-Panoptes Advanced is the Base plus the videocamera.

Available Options

It is a compact system, which combines a thermal camera, digital camera in a visible spectrum with the processor unit with the option of a recording unit for recording radiometric data with a digital HDMI system. The Tau camera is packaged in foam to prevent damage during shipping.

The mT-Panoptes Premium is the richest model: Table Of Contents B. They can be also helpful during tests on improving environmental safety.

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This document and data disclosed herein or herewith is not to be reproduced, used, or disclosed in whole or in part to anyone without the written permission of FLIR Systems, Inc. The supplied battery pack lets you record continuously for over an hour.

This software can be used to set the temperature range, emissivity, palette or other parameters for a large number of thermograms produced by the Workswell WIRIS system or WIC thermal camera. Nevertheless it can be easlily used in a wide spectrum of applications.

FLIR TAU User Manual

Moreover, the casing has been certified for operation in potentially explosive environments, which includes the ATEX certification. Spatially enabled All data acquired with mT-Panoptes are natively geo-referenced. The Solar Inspector is the most complete software solution which offers a complete set of capabilities to map and analize data, document your observations and generate a full spazialized final report.

The mT-Panoptes can be used with the most common multi rotors because it is coupled with the Panoptes IMU device which makes it completely independent from the UAV for telemetries, data transmission to the ground and video recording on board.

Then it produces the inspection Report which includes the index map of the detected anomalies, a data sheet for each one of them and the flight coverage map. Live video transmission mT-Panoptes allows the display of real-time thermal video, enabling immediate control over the quality of the information acquired.