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Made from CRS plate nickel plate, set up with both string thru and top loader. Well worth the money.

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Nice quality in brass. New by munsen99 24 Jan, Upgrading to Brass Saddles What a difference these make to the tone on my '72 custom Tele. CRS unplated raw aged steel. Machined from Cold Roll Steel Plate. Installation is child's play: Made to exact dimensions as the "Vintage Hardtail" mount but with three compensated saddles as it should be.

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Website design by Soaring Eagle Products. It was just about perfect! CRS chrome or nickel plated. Stripped down to the absolute bare minimum.

What compensated saddles for a CV Custom Tele?

The Vanson compensated saddles fixed the problem. I've got no hesitation in recommending this product. This bridge replaces the "American Standard" so you can have a three saddle choice which will boost the tone to where it should be.

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Fender Compensated Tele Saddle Set – Thomann Elláda

Nickel plated steel round head Phillips adjusting screw and spring; Nickel plated steel slotted set screws at the correct angle. Finally a machined jack cup that will work with an angled guitar cable. Set screw holds it on for some abuse.

Then replace with the Vanson and bring the pair back up to tension. Voltmeter hook up with alternator took about 30 mins and fine adjustment about the same again.

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New by delwynwill 25 Jul, Telecaster compensated saddles. Want a toggle instead of a blade switch? I find that these work just as well as far more expensive saddles out there. CRS chrome or nickel plate. With a tweak here and there it took a few weeks to get the original saddles to a reasonable intonation compromise but up beyond the eighth fret that ringing sustain highlighted the intonation problem.

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New by oldcamerafreek 07 Aug, Quality solution to intonation problem for Telecaster style guitars Solves the intonation issues with Telecaster style guitars - fitted to a Harley Benton kit which now intonates at the 12th fret perfectly.

The old aluminium saddles were a tone sink compared to these.

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This Tele is fitted with very heavy strings 14, 18, 28w, 40, 50, 60 and in spite of the low action 1,7mm at the 17th fret the high string tension means no fret rattle and it rings like a piano.

Read full review Verified purchase: Angled Control Plate, 16 guage 0. An easy job and perfect intonation.

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Finally a machined Jack Cup that stays put and can be easily removed if needed and most importantly Looks correct. No string wandering, precision cut to vintage string spacing.

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Nickel Plate Brass old school knurl. Made to exact dimensions as the "American Standard Hardtail bridge" but with my compensated saddles for that correct look feel and tone a Tele deserves. Knurled edges cut on a spiral, this cup twists itself in and stays in!

These saddles allow really easy intonation of standard three saddle Telecaster guitars.

NEW Joe Barden Vintage Style Telecaster Tele Compensated Brass Saddles 2-3/16"

To save a bit of time I marked the approximate positions of the original saddles with a felt tip before replacing them. Dont hesitate to swap them out! These Vanson compensated Telecaster saddles are a great product and they do exactly what they are designed to do — that is, provide accurate intonation for a three saddle Tele without the expense of a six-saddle bridge.

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I changed my strings at the same time, stretched and retuned them a couple of times and then checked the 12th fret intonation with an electronic tuner. Past the octave it got unpleasant. New Best-selling in Saddles. No need to struggle with twisting screws to bend the saddles into the position s that you need them in order to get your Telecaster in tune all the way up the neck.

Telecaster brass saddles

There is only one difference between this set and the originals: Nickel plated steel slotted head adjusting screw and spring; Nickel plated steel slotted set screws at the correct angle.

Excellent product, excellent value and excellent service from this supplier!!

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New by linuxbloke 23 Jun, Great product! Standard Telecaster three barrel precise intonation has always been a hit and miss affair but now these Vanson compensated replacements provide the ideal solution. Nickel plate Cold Roll Steel Plate with you're choice of saddles. It doesn't get any closer than this.