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She is often accompanied by her offscreen little brother Petey as her cameraman where Brit would often argue with him.

Parents will appreciate that the story flirting zodiac prominent positive messages about being true to yourself, shrugging off peer pressure, and valuing true friendship.

Violet's Vampire Vlog — A vampire named Violet played by Catherine Valdes does a vlog that details what vampires should be like when encountering people at night.

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That said, its standout message reminds viewers to be comfortable with who they are and to fight the urge to change just to impress other people because those who really matter will like you for who you are.

Super Fan Brit Stickley — Brit Stickley played by Tiffany Espensen is a super fan who would infiltrate different places where different celebrities are at and collects different things from them to put in her scrapbook.

She gets shocked repeatedly in one scene. World's Worst Babysitter — A laid back babysitter named Lia played by Lia Marie Johnson shows viewers what not to do when babysitting as she demonstrates on her client Sammie played by her younger sister Sammie Johnson.

Super Science with Melvin — A self-proclaimed super scientist named Melvin played by Noland Ammon tries to make new inventions which backfires on him. Consumerism The movie is an extension of a character made popular in another series, AwesomenessTV.

Tomboy Prom Guide with Terry The Tomboy (LiaMarieJohnson)

What parents need to know Parents need to know that Terry the Tomboy is a movie extension of a recurring character on AwesomenessTVso young fans of her skits will want to tune in for this extended version. Best Excuses — Teala Dunn plays different girls who show viewers different excuses for everything.

Gnarly Mann — Gnarly Mann played by Noland Ammon is a radical and bodacious surfer -speaking boy who helps people with their romance problems. Mild bathroom humor refers to peeing. Positive Messages The movie has fun with extreme stereotypes in Terry, who's not only a self-proclaimed tomboy but also talks with a forced Southern drawl.

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Their third member is Chloe Arden Rose who Sarah reluctantly invites due to her mom being friends with Chloe's mom. There's some flirting between teens, one of whom lies and tricks her way into a cute guy's affections, but this proves to be her downfall in the end.

Recurring sketches[ edit ] As the Locker Turns — A soap opera parody detailing various occurrences at a school. Teens tell each other to "shut up" and "shut your mouth" and that someone or something "sucks.

Language No cursing, but the characters use phrases such as "shut up," "shut your mouth," and "he sucks" as well as "butt" and "stupid" occasionally.

She sometimes drags her friend Duncanty played by Noland Ammon into her different vlogs.

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Sexy Stuff The movie tells the tale of a tomboy's first experience with crushing on a boy, referring to physical reactions such as sweaty palms, a racing heart, and a fluttery stomach.

With the help of her coconut friend Becky, who is also the producer of her show, Gillian shows people different things to do on the island while awaiting to be rescued. Pet Therapist — A pet therapist played by Lia Marie Johnson goes over therapy sessions with a pet and their owner where the therapist would often speak the mind of the owner's pet.

You'll see two kisses, but that's the extent of any physical contact. She values meaningful relationships over fleeting physical attraction.

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This sketch has a TV film of the same name. Britannica flirts shamelessly with Brett, telling lies to win his sympathy and fast-talking him into a romantic date. On the other hand, Britannica places high value on a person's outward appearance and reputation and pokes fun at those who don't meet her standards.

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Terry the Tomboy: Back to School Guide

In one case, she knocks a girl to the ground for talking to the boy she's interested in; in another, she hurls rocks at two people with a slingshot. Cave Girl's Guide To Beauty — A prehistoric teenage cavewoman played by Lainey Lipson hosts a vlog where she shows people her prehistoric beauty tips as the self-proclaimed "prehistoric beauty guru.

Sierra's Guide to Acting Glamorously — Sierra played by Paulina Cerrilla shows people how to act glamorously with the help of her butler Edmund played by Corey Johnson.

A lot or a little? Signs You're Addicted to Kid History — A young narrator played by Zac Pullman tells people about historic events in kid history like the first pillow fight and the first homework excuse.

Ultimately, though, it's the reminders to like who you are even if others don't that kids will remember from this funny movie. The Most Interesting Kid in the World — A parody of The Most Interesting Man in the World where Zay Zay has interesting talents like teaching his teachers, ghosts believing in him, making bullies pee their pants, and not being found during a game of hide and seek.

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Us and Jan — A series of music videos where Audrey played by Audrey Whitby would do some activity and would be annoyed by her friend Jan played by Allisyn Ashley Arm who would try to get involved in the activity with disastrous results. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox.

Bad Troop Leader — A troop leader played by Taryn Southern does a terrible job when leading her scout troop. The Totally Completely Absolutely Unhelpful Verbose Customer Service Girl — Mia Anders played by Audrey Whitby is a talkative customer service Girl who won't stop derailing the conversation whenever someone calls her up for customer service The Worst DIY'er — Cybil played by Audrey Whitby teaches people how to handle do-it-yourself projects which doesn't go well for her.

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Hi-Tech History — Professor Hopkins Bittridge played by Kian Lawley narrates about historic events while mentioning what would happen if there was advanced technology in the past.

The parents' guide to what's in this TV show. Terry the Tomboy — A tomboy named Terry played by Lia Marie Johnson teaches the viewers of her vlog her guide to various stuff.