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He is held for the police by Tori's servants. When Edith visits him in jail, Richard orders her to remain silent. However, when he is found guilty, Edith rushes to the judge and announces she did it.

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Her stockbroker husband Richard Deanwith all of his money tied up in a very promising investment, insists she send back an expensive dress she has just bought.

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The judge sets aside the verdict, and Edith and Richard depart the courtroom. Edith grabs the gun and shoots him in the shoulder, then flees. The next day, however, he reports that the money is gone. Plot[ edit ] Socialite Edith Hardy Ward has extravagant tastes.

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Some of our latest members. Richard, having followed her after she left their home, finds Tori and picks up the gun.

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When she shows the brand to all, the judge and officers of the court have great difficulty keeping the outraged spectators from attacking Tori.

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Then you've come to the right place. She threatens to kill herself, but he is so confident that she is bluffing that he hands her a pistol.

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She gives him the Red Cross funds entrusted to her as the charity's treasurer. By clicking 'join now' you are agreeing to our terms of use.

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When she continues to resist his advances, he subdues her and brands her on the back of the shoulder with the seal with which he marks all of his property.

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When questioned, he confesses to the crime to protect his wife. Things couldn't be less complicated.

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Hishituru Tori Hayakawaa wealthy Japanese admirer changed in the film's re-release to a Burmese ivory king named "Haka Arakau"overhears and offers her a loan, if she is willing to pay the price of her virtue.