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I reasoned that it was possibly the shallow end. Scenes showing the sailors in the water were shot in the open-air water-tank at Denham Studios. He replied "I think perhaps The Cruel Sea because when we saw that for the first time, we realised that we really had brought it off.

Retrieved 30 October The only answer was for Frankie Howard the stuntman to take an qali shavebshi online dating breath and swim breaststroke under the surface, with me lying on his back simulating the crawl. Hawkins was amused to note that in the final version of the film, the original first take was used.

It was played that way and Balcon pronounced it absolutely perfect.

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For another shot, the leading players were required to swim past the camera in close-up. Sometimes you don't get that feeling, but with that one we all did. Then two days later, after another viewing, it was decided that a little emotion was needed after all; the scene was re-shot with just an odd tear or two and again the verdict was that it was now dead right.

Although she had been paid off inshe was held in reserve until broken up inand so could be made available for use in the film. Although only a couple of miles offshore, a number of conflicting tidal streams and a sandbank provide predictable, albeit often dangerous, large waves and a disturbed sea.

Jack Hawkins, personally moved by the situation, delivered a fitting emotional performance and at the end of the scene tears were rolling down his face.

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These coastal waters and a summer shooting schedule meant that the sea was generally too calm to effectively portray conditions on the Atlantic in winter, so the ships were taken to the Portland Race. Retrieved 22 July Yet for all his professionalism he is a human being and he later gets paralytically drunk and bares his feelings to Lockhart.

I was certainly swimming past but, as the camera operator Chic Waterson spotted — underwater. Co-star Jack Hawkins playing Ericson saved him from drowning in Denham's open-air water-tank.

The Cruel Sea (1953)

The scenes of the ships at sea were filmed in the English Channel just out of sight of land. Donald Sinden playing Lockhart suffered in real life from negative buoyancymeaning that he was unable to float or swim in water, which was discovered while filming the sequence when the ship Compass Rose is sinking.

It seemed to just gel and be absolutely right. Reception[ edit ] It was the most successful film at the British box office in and caused Jack Hawkins to be voted the most popular star with British audiences. If you look carefully you will see — compared with the others — I am completely out of the water!

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In the film, when boarding their new ship, the characters of Ericson and Lockhart remark that neither of them have heard of a castle in Saltash — in reality there is no such thing, although there are a number of fortifications in the local area.

National Library of Australia. Ships usually deliberately avoid the Portland Race but Compass Rose was taken straight through during the peak of the tide to get the required shots. What I shall do is just reverse this piece of film and the ship will be going in the required direction'.

Jack — a gap — Denholm The Australian Women's Weekly.

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Archived from the original on 7 September But we had to do it another five times, with me in a different position now. Coreopsis had been loaned to the Hellenic Navy and renamed Kriezis, and was awaiting a tow back to England and the breaker's yard. The night was cold and cast and crew shivered as we waited for the 'sea' to become rough enough: It transpired that the First thought that I had been joking when I said I couldn't swim!

All the others arrived safely at the bank and thank God, Jack heard someone ask 'Where's Donald? These ships were significantly larger than the Castle-class corvettes, but had been paid off or sold abroad when the film was made.

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Other work was completed at Ealing studios. The whole crew were to jump over the side — the great stuntman Frankie Howard from the top of the superstructure.

The Admiralty had disposed of all its wartime corvettes, but Coreopsis was located in Malta by one of the film's technical advisers, Capt. Retrieved 10 July Two days later, after seeing it cut together, Michael Balcon asked Charles Frend to re-shoot it with Hawkins keeping a grip on himself.

Ericson, faced with an appalling choice, drops the depth charges that will destroy the enemy but will also kill his countrymen.