Who is Theo James dating? Theo James girlfriend, wife Who is Theo James dating? Theo James girlfriend, wife

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What was my reaction? So tell us about Four and the kind of character that he is?

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Advertising [x] Theo James: Congratulations on a great film. Since the massive success of the film, Woodley and James have been spotted together at every event and though it could be for the promotion of the film, fans have a strong feeling that something is brewing between the two. You have a vivid imagination.

Adapted from the book trilogy written by Veronica Roth, James plays the mysterious warrior Four in the futuristic action adventure directed by Neil Burger Limitless. He comes from this abusive father and all of those elements that come into play a rich complex character.

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He has a masculinity that he wears very wholly and very lightly in the sense that he can admit fear. As the year-old actress dazzled in golden Ellie Saab gown, James was spotted casting admiring glances at her. So you had to do this everyday?

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The crux of jea beg dating sites I like the series and why I wanted to play him was his complexity as a character.

The on-screen pair also cozied up while posing for the shutterbugs and looked more than comfortable in each other's company.

It could be you, or it could be us, but there's no page here.

Apparently, during the premiere of the film, James could not keep his eyes off Woodley. Burger noted that after a global search for the key role, they screen tested James and knew instantly they had found their man. When in an interview they were asked about the practice they did for the intimate scene, Woodley gushed: As any true Londoner would.

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How long did you sit in the make up chair to put on your tattoos? In truth, I guess I kind of take things as they come.

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The buzz suggests that the co-stars who share massive chemistry onscreen could be an item off screen. Though there is no confirmation whether the couple is dating or not, nobody can deny the affection they have for each other.

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When she discovers a conspiracy by faction leader Kate Winslet to destroy Divergents, Tris learns to trust the furtive Four James - and together they must find out what makes Divergents dangerous before it's too late. What has added more fuel to the fire is the fact that these days James is rarely seen with his girlfriend Ruth Kearney.

Between three and four hours so quite a long time.

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The movie opens in the U. The 29 year-old actor is probably best known for playing opposite Kate Beckinsale in Underworld: Can you relate to that? Divergent opens in theaters on March Now all of the characters face fears which is the premise of the movie and Four is scared of heights.

Kemal Pamuk in the first season of the acclaimed series, Downton Abbey.


We had about a month before to try and get into shape. Buzz suggests that the co-stars, who share massive chemistry onscreen could be an item off screen too. And lastly, if you had to choose a faction, which one would you choose? Sonam Malik Apr 12, And I was like: They have been dating for 5yrs