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No, Marti, Alaska isn't an island, its attached to Canada. Not usually one to offer explanations, Danny Boy single parent dating difficulties definition that his departure was the result of visions of his own deceased father that had appeared to him during the performance.

Now back off, Lady! So where are you two from? I sat quietly eating my pancakes for the first little bit and then I decided to open my mouth and join in on the conversation. You know, like for protection from invasion or something. And then like don't you have to like pay a toll or something to cross and then show Thirty flirty and thriving invitation for like the guards to let you in???

We must be going now. After Seattle, we'll have to go through Canada and then onto Alaska. You know like the military bases where you have to show ID to get on.

The thirst traps of today may become the three-time Oscar winners of tomorrow. This must've been a totally long trip for you.

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One day for breakfast we decided to mingle with the other passengers and we sat at a table for 4 across from a lovely couple heading from California to Alaska.

She's moving up to Washington so we can be closer until I finish my time with the Navy. What about you two? Looking nervously at Todd Ummm, I mean to get onto Alaska.

So you're like from Alaska, huh?

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Part of the train experience is eatting in the dining car. Cuz like on every map I've like ever seen Alaska and Hawaii are islands that are like protected with walls.

Oh I'm from Washington. This is my girlfriend Marti I smile and she's from the Bay Area. Keep an eye on your indie baes. Besides being set and produced in Britain, these movies seemingly had nothing to do with each other — but for the eagle-eyed pre-IMDb credits watcher, there was one overlap.

Blah blah blah Me: In hindsight, I should've just sat there eating my pancakes. And yet, here he was, beautiful and so relentlessly devoted to the art of acting — to his Craft — that he could slip into disparate characters as easily as Daniel Plainview slipped down the oil well in the modern masterpiece There Will Be Blood.

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Did good in high school. I'm pretty sure they jumped off the train at that point just to avoid us America, meet Daniel Day-Lewis. Yeah, but it's been nice seeing the country side and just taking our time.

I mean it is an island right?

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What do you mean, Dear? So let Daniel Day-Lewis be a lesson to us all. Bless this man, bless this GIF. I'm in the Navy and my ship is now stationed up there. Did great in college.

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And Daniel Day-Lewis — the man, the myth, and the Method — would only grow from there. Sounds about right for the man of the iron Method. We are from Alaska.

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He has since relented and generously granted the people their right to award him. On the speech and debate teams, Honor Rolls, Dean's Lists, AP classes, etc, etc, but that one lovely day on the train is where the California Public School system failed me and I became an idiot.

We did the initial meet and greet small talk. So pure was he in his devotion to the craft that despite the universal acclaim of his performance that year in A Room With a View, Day-Lewis would refuse to turn art into politics, rejecting the opportunity to campaign for the Oscars.

Don't you have to cross a bridge to like get there?

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There are no walls and there is NO bridge. My shenanigans ARE cheeky and fun! Enjoy your breakfast and the rest of your trip.

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So how long is the trip going to take you total? It's NOT an Island. Well then who ever did the maps of the US is a moron. The dining car has several 2 to be exact seating options.

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Its been really nice. You know the "Hi, I'm insert name here " "This is my insert relation here " etc, stuff. We weren't in a hurry and thought that it would be a nice way to relax and see the country side.

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So committed was he to the call of cinema that he spent the better part of the next decade romancing the best actresses foreign and domestic of the s. Now, let me just say this, I've always thought of myself as a fairly intelligent person.