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I try not to get too stuck on it because I feel like it could change at any moment because it is a television show and we do have to stretch it out hopefully if the show continues.

Her mother was very guarded about that whole world. Faye Phoebe Tonkin aggressively pushes witch powers, setting cars on fire and causing thunderstorms.

Though she is still struggling to shake off the effects of the memory spell Charles Gale Harold cast on her, Robertson said Jane still has some wisdom to impart to her granddaughter this week. I just wanted to know who she was, how did she respond to all wildemann harzflirt this, what was her relationship with these characters?

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I think she knows nothing about it. Britt Robertson stars as Cassie, a teenager whose mother is killed by mysterious magic. It was nice to have a good, solid base. ET on The CW. Which book was your favorite?


They make water float from a leaf. Adam Thomas Dekker is a predestined partner through family lineage. Yes, I truly am. They need her to complete their circle. All the things that have been the antithesis of who he's been since the beginning. Does witchcraft freak her out?

She is just as informed as he is of this and I think she understands our tie together but ultimately trusts him and trusts Cassie to not betray her which ultimately could be a bad thing because you never know when people are going to stab you in the back.

She has no family, she has nothing else to reach out to so the circle has become her surrogate family. How is her friendship with Diana going to be tested by time she spends with Adam?

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But the omen didn't come soon enough for Cassie Britt Robertson and Adam Thomas Dekkeras the episode closed with the pair consummating their relationship as a portentous cloud of ravens circled above Cassie's house. Robertson spoke with us after a Television Critics Association panel for a preview of the new fall series.

We butt heads all the way. How dangerous is Faye going to be for Cassie? John Blackwell comes around and starts saying that maybe we aren't destined to be together, or if we are, what does that mean for the rest of the circle?

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But for now, we're trying to keep on the track of keeping the circle alive and whoever's in our way, we'll take them down with us! Who is Cassie in a nutshell and what are the earliest witchcraft she gets to do?

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Their children's star-crossed destiny was a curse as much as a love connection. Were you interested in the supernatural before this show?

What does that mean for the show's central couple? According to Robertson and Dekker, nothing good.

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It could mean bad things! HuffPost TV caught up with the pair during a recent visit to the Vancouver-based set, and while they were enthusiastic about their characters' upcoming storylines, it doesn't sound like Cassie and Adam will be living "happily ever after" any time soon How long will she be resisting this power?

It's also interesting because it brings into consideration the memory of Diana and the past, and you'll see where that goes. But unfortunately, that [destiny] will always come back to haunt them He's a bit more aggressive and a bit more drawn to dark things and a bit more sly She moves to Chance Harbor with her grandmother, where a group of young witches teaches Cassie about her family powers.

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Are you looking forward to playing the moment where she embraces her power? That storyline has been pushed away, but on purpose, so that [it has more impact] when it comes back into question. To run away from it. Her first experience with magic is when Cassie and Adam go into the woods after she just found out and he tries to introduce it to her.

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