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Three man army youll find love, your review

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The third member of the trio is pecussionist Tony Newman, formerly of May Blitz a very interesting connectionand he adds significantly to the music, none better than in the waves of sound on the intense power rock instrumental "Irving".

Three Man Army Two Genre There is some great playing on it, the trio really melds together well on this album.

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I think in passages Three Man Army found the quintessential sound for this genre, before it became infatuated with the antisocial, satanic elements and brutal loudness.

Buy it while the stock lasts. Any one that appreciates good music then this album is for you.

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There are some real powerful songs here and after a couple o' listens you will agree! Note-heavy isn't how you set the volume on the amp-it comes from your heart.

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World class skins banger Tony Newman on the drums and The Gurvitz Brothers play as well as its possible. There's lots of subtlety in this, great arrangements with impeccable logic and precision that even include a small orchestra and choir.

In some ways this disc seems a bit dated now but it certainly has its moments, and from my listening to other material by this group and its spinoffs this one stands far above the rest, even their later collaborations with Ginger Baker Baker-Gurvitz Army.

The music hits you like Thunder!!!!!

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Best value for your money!!!!! There are some naff lyrics that spoil it a bit, but in terms of the music it's exceptional: If you own the German cd copy of this album you will be surprised how much better the sound is on these recordings.

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My favourite tracks are the heavily blues influenced "Today", seemingly referring to a recently lost friend, and "I can't make the blind see", which is self mocking and perhaps indicates that although this album was the creative pinnacle of Adrian Curtis' and Paul Gurvitz's material, they were not taking themselves too seriously.

What a great rockin' album from beginning to end, from the overlooked Gurvitz bros. If you like the power groups of the 70's such as Granicus, Bull Angus, Cactus, Trapeze and Mahogany Rush then you will certainly enjoy this album.