Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 Free Download PC Game Setup Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 Free Download PC Game Setup

Tiger woods pga tour 08 wii instructions for hookup, latest reviews

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Its also fun to play just to hit the helicopters and piss em off xD Though I dont think they really do anything besides watch and get int the way. Of the twenty or thirty versions of 08 that EA Sports has released this year and that are currently sitting on my desk -- I think only Sega Saturn owners were snubbed -- the Wii version was the only one in which I didn't check out the career mode first.

There are some rave, techno and rock tunes included, guaranteed to make you enjoy the game's menus, as that will be the only instance when you'll be able to listen to them. Sure, you'll invent some terribly foul new curses when things don't go your way, become convinced that the gods are out to get you, and wonder just why you ever started playing the game in the first place.

Naturally, the Wii motion controller is used as the virtual golf club as you pursue a career on the links more traditional control settings are available too, but if that's your thing, you're better off playing on one of the other consoles.

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Less than six months after the series debut for the system, a new Tiger has been let loose for the nunchuk crowd. The game offers you a choice regarding the number of holes you'll play in all of the above-mentioned modes.

Choose a random 3, an all 18, front 9 or back 9 if you think you've got the time and patience to flirty things to say to a girl yahoo all of them.

The roster of traditional ways to play has been upped -- and it was definitely upped with multiplay in mind.


Golf as a videogame is an entirely different story, as it's one of the most entertaining virtual sports a gamer can play, specially if he owns a PSP. Id give the game a try, but until EA stops trying to sell games off a single number change alone then Im not gonna trust that theyed get their cards out froggen dating frank the paper shredder well enough.

I can remember playing Actua Golf 3 on the PSX and it was one of the best golfing experiences I've ever had the chance to try. The golfers make up quite a list too and you'll see all the guys you have admired on TV, while they were trying to defeat Tiger Woods: And then, as soon as your round is over, you'll start another one lickety split.

Show system requirements PlayStation Portable console I always watch some golf competition Each course is introduced to the gamer thanks to a fly-by cam, accompanied by a man's voice telling you all about the track. Those wanting to play more of a golf sim had no other options.

On numerous occasions, it either failed to read our downswing at all, or went ahead and putted for us even though we barely had started our stroke.

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 10 to Arrive in Stores Bundled with Wii MotionPlus

Several control methods are available including the rather boring Nunchuk analogue stick swing system but the standard mode is easily the most immersive and enjoyable of the lot. Tiger Woods 07 contained several fantasy courses, which were fun despite their lack of authenticity.

The Wii doesn't support the Photo Game Face feature of the other next-gen systems, so you're left to tweak away with the game's stock faces.

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As you progress the going gets tough and you'll have to avoid certain targets, or hit them alternatively by swinging your club. Hey, a virtual rebate is better than no rebate at all.

I mean come on, who doesnt wanna play golf on a course made ontop of working battleships shooting their cannons off whlile you play and the entire navy has all their helicopters and jets out just so they can get a good few of the game, just cuase they really fecking love golf.

Besides seemign a bit too un golf like. Gameplay The analog stick is the main tool for any gamer who wants to play this title and win a couple of challenges.

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Unless you're one of the few hundred people in the world who are actually good at the game, nothing humbles you like those eighteen holes. If you're a beginner who is just making contact with the world of golf and the tutorial wasn't much help, just press the select button to view the hole map and a couple of the caddy's tips.

From what I hear about the Tiger Wii games is that the swing just replaces the confirm button to confirm the swing and had no real impact in the game.

That's because, well, it was just yesterday. It's kind of a drag for those who dropped their dough six months ago, but on the bright side, those who did pick up 07 have half-a-year of practice under their belt and if there's an 07 save file on their console, they'll get a financial bonus in the game's Career Mode.

You can also now enjoy the Bizzaro World scoring of the Stableford game. Despite loads of frustrating moments, you won't be able to tear yourself away. However, EA Sports have done a wonderful job with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 and you won't even feel that you're playing a portable console title, after a couple of minutes of gameplay.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour

You'll toy with the sportsman's power, accuracy, spin, putting, concentration and a general feature, creating the perfect golfer, at least for now.

Another fun minigame is putting frenzy, but its name speaks for itself, so it's basically the same challenge as the ones included in the standard competition.

Conclusion Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 is a great game to play on the bus, while you're going to school, high-school or to your job. Clearly, EA thinks otherwise. Multiplayer The PSP's Wi-Fi feature is once again put to good use thanks to the Ad-hoc and Infrastructure play modes, which allow you to compete against opponents playing on their own PSPs or access a lobby and take part in an official competition.

You may send the ball all over the place the rest of the day, but that one fleeting moment of glory will bring you back another time.

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There's no shortage of stuff to do. Clubs can be selected by pressing L plus the d-pad buttons and if you've made the right choice, you'll be out of the bushes and back on the green in no time.

Concept EA Sports have struck gold with yet another franchise, this time relying on the image and fame of the brilliant Tiger Woods.