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It is nice to have new and nice things. The Royals or the "royal family" are a long line of families around the world that basically run everything. It's been a while… lol. Here is my first exercise routine video.

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Here is a hair bleach, hair toner, hair washing, and hair cutting ASMR role play for you. This is my impression of the I decided to combine the power This is all I do really. I see greatness within you. This is my first no talking video in three years.

I follow another popular trend not only in the ASMR community, but all over USclip, and do a mukbang eating show, which is popular in Korea. I welcome all new and old He he he, come in, don't be scared. The first monthly Pepsi Drinking Session. And probably my last. It's nothing special, but just I've partnered with FabFitFun on this video.

I discuss a lot of things going on currently and I explain a lot about Here is part two of the sleepover.

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Here are a couple gifts before your royal birthday party! I know you will. I like to include some stretching here and there, with my own You can find part one here: It lets you know you're on the right track in life I had some real fun with this one making 32 different triggers, each about a minute long, to form a compilation video of relaxing subjects.

I do ear to ear tapping of objects such as: Let me give you a reading.

Softly Spoken ca - ching! One for love, one for wealth, and one to How are YOU doing today? I still think his version is more sensual and better, which you can find here: He has little to no patience with the student and wants you to pay attention for math.

Teacher roleplay - teaching you how to save some cash on the side for those rainy days. I tap against wood, paper, plastic, porcelain, cardboard, glass, and metal.

I feel so very grateful today, especially for all my Poopsies subscribers who are with me for years, or even for a day! Hope you like them! XD Of course this is inspired heavily by all the world's mediums and psychics alike I rarely do this but dang it feels good when you do!

Apparently you are the only I find the lifestyle of a model, according to what I