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Rodrigo looks at his boss for advice after somebody has exited through a window of their office. In the beginning of the movie, the gun accidentally drops from Torrentes holster and Rafi picks it up, before giving an elaborate description of the gun.

The f Santiago Segura Silva born July 17, is a Spanish film actor, scriptwriter, producer and director.

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Torrente looking at the Llama Scorpio in his hand whilst deciding on his next move during the finale. Even though it strongly resembles a MA1 both in design and dimensionsit can be identified by the large ventilated rib on top of the monogamous dating polyamorous dating. Made in Spain, in Vitoria!

Note the typical front part of the gun. Santiago Segura Silva born July 17, is a Spanish film actor, scriptwriter, producer and director.

Santiago Segura

Miscellaneous Behind the Scenes Images From a ladder a member of the special effects team simulates bullet impacts from a submachine gun by shooting paint ball pellets into the dusty park grounds.

In he went on to direct his first professional short Evilio, and followed up with Perturbado in Llama Scorpio revolver. During the supermarket robbery scene, the robber on the left is seen holding a Llama Scorpio as well.

It can perforate 3mm of steel at a distance of 90 meters. When shooting … is finished, one of the actors makes a fool of himself by accidentally firing his blank-loaded pistol before handing it over to one of the armorers. He became most famous for Torrente: View all Santiago Segura pictures Description: IV submachine gun that is recognizable by the straight magazine, rather than the curved one on the original version, and a more ergonomic handgrip.

Note the retracting handle identifying this gun as an original rather than a Spanish copy.

Torrente, the Dumb Arm of the Law (1998) Full Movie

After studying Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid, he decided to pursue a career as a film-maker and in he directed the short Relatos de medianoche with a budget of pesetas 60 dollars. Llama Model 8 A local drug lord actor unknown carries a chromed Llama Model 8 pistol with pearl grips as his side-arm throughout the movie.

Unidentified Submachine Gun During the climatic shoot-out at the old warehouse, 4 thugs are firing the same unidentified submachine gun.

This side-view shows the magazine tube plus what looks like a sharply angled custom-made pistol grip. El Protector, the third film in the series, is due out this year September 30and its advertising campaign parodies Batman Begins, using the phrase Torrente Acabao which literally means Torrente Finished.

Santiago Segura

The magazine well is located very much to the front and the overall design appears to be s and it bears some resemblance to the Madsen M Destination London and Blade 2. Santiago was born in the Carabanchel neighbourhood in Madrid.

El juego being produced.

It is identifiable by the round trigger guard and the barrel which has roughly the same length as the slide. He has since made his way into American culture by making appearances in movies such as Hellboy, Agent Cody Banks 2: The film brought him to stardom, its popularity leading to a sequel - Torrente 2: Shotguns Remington Slug Gun During the supermarket robbery scene, one of the robbers is carrying a Remington Slug Gun with a sawn-off stock and what appears to be some kind of custom-made pistol grip.