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To stop combos from being long combos will force drop after certain moves build up a visible meter. The way to link the SWR data is, Open the configex This game is like my alt smash bros its crazy fun, has weird rules, and gets very in depth, ohh and good news for all those stupid tiers blah blah blah people, worst matchup in this game is 6: And than is about how to set the file name of the game replay save, the file name that will automatic generate when saving the replay.

Projectiles it doesn't matter they do zero chip damage but they drain your magic meter often more than the casters, watch out if your guard meter goes to zero your guard breaks and one of your 5 magic bubbles shatters takes 10 seconds to recover.

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Indie game, sorta well 5 man. At high level this game just turns into a blockstrings, pressure, and tons and tons of mixups. It is ok if it occur all the word in strange word that cant be understand by human. It will be very troublesome if having alot of replay that need to add the profile name of the player in the save file name without the setting.

Weather also helps but Ill let you see that for yourself. Zun and TasoGare Frontier woooooooo!!!!

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The file name can be set at anythings, date, time, name, character, the word you like and others, can be set with any combination and order. In Hisoutensoku Open the configex Also their is high and low blocking but it doesn't work like normal, if you block a melee wrong, it pushes you back alot, and drains one of your magic bubbles, aka your everything, but don't worry it recharges fast, but if you block a melee right it just does chip and you hardly move back at all.

Its all pretty cool, also if you get hit all your projectiles disappear. The game has a bunch of interesting rules, the most weird one is your projectiles are absurd, to the point you see videos going what no way you would just be stuck in a corner blocking.

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Just except the symbol that cant use in normal file naming, that will cause replay cant be save. And then find the below thingsjust at the 5th line of the file.

And also the setting of the filename for the game play replay save that will auto genarate when saving the replay.

By default it is empty, that the replay file name will save as the default file naming. Guys I searched this site twice and found zero topics about this amazing game, seriously it rocks.

This is very usefull when having many match that need be save and also want to state who is the people and profile name of the people had play with. The things that set in the game configex.

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However if you dash, or fly, or air dash, you can dodge all projectiles, but can be hit by melee attacks. These two are the place to set the replay file naming rules. Touhou Hisoutensoku itself only have the some character and stage can use only, if want to use all the character, need to have the SWR game and link the game data to the Hisoutensoku.

Now write about how to set it. Link SWR to Hisoutensoku, and set the file name of game replay save Here just want to post about how to link the Projectile based 2 D fighter, its weird.