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Once you believe that you have arrived in the right area, you can begin digging using the context menu on the map. You can also gain cartography skill by attempting to decode a level one map. Look for any distinctive landmarks on your map, and compare it with the map, all facets are covered.

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The rarity on the card shown reflects only the original printing of the card and is not indicative of its frequency of appearance in Treasure Chests.

Timeshifted cards from Time Spiral count as regular rares for this purpose. The player that decodes are karen and rodolfo still dating map and digs up the chest does not have to be the same player that picks open the chest.

You may now pick the lock.


Curated cards may appear in multiple versions on the Curated sheet; they will be listed separately in those cases.

On the highest level chests this is not always sufficient time to defeat all the guardians for a solo hunter. It increases your dig radius from the treasure spot as follows: All cards in Treasure Chests will be non-premium, with the exception of rares from Eighth Edition and Ninth Edition, which will be premium.

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Each regular rare will appear twice as often as any given mythic rare. The older, still valid, method of digging requires that you double click your shovel, target the map, then target the ground.

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Each common will appear 2. Regular rares and mythic rares in these sets that have been banned in the Modern format are still included.

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Curated cards are non-premium, including Masterpiece sets like Zendikar Expeditions and Kaladesh Inventions. Compare the spot where the lines cross, ie where you are currently standing, with the pin on your map.

The initial spawn of 4 — 8 guardians appear as the chest clears the ground. These cards will be non-premium. You can, however, cast spells. Count the digs and learn to time when the chest guardians will appear on the lower level maps, this will help avoid deaths on higher level ones!

Treasure Chest Play Points

It is highly recommended that a team of at least 2 — 3 be recruited for level 7 maps, especially in Trammel or Felucca. If lockpicking fails items can be destroyed by gas escaping from the chest. Telekenesis does not work on Siege Perilous shard. The chest lock cannot be picked until these guardians have been defeated.

Failed attempts give only a message, so when you hear your character start digging you know you have been successful in finding the chest.

If this happens, the table below shows the odds of each card appearing. This doesn't include sets that were never Standard-legal, such as Modern Masters sets. This includes regular rares from older sets that lacked mythic rares.

High HP on the character and 70 fire resist on the suit will allow most characters to survive the blast. If you fail to find the treasure, move on a step and try again.

Eventually you will be able to read it.

Treasure Chest of Horrors (2012)

Double click your lockpick, and click on the chest. Finding the Treasure Chest After decoding your treasure map, the location of the chest will be indicated with a single pin in the classic client or a red x in the enhanced client.

Once raised, the chest will remain for roughly an hour and then disappear. To determine absolute drop rates, divide the listed Relative Drop Rate by the total of that column. Before heading off after the treasure, you may find it advisable to compare your treasure map against a world-map.

The Benefit of Mining Mining is not a required skill, however it does provide a significant advantage. For example, treasure chests will contain 20 Play Points five times as often as 80 Play Points.

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When you believe you are in the right vicinity, do one of the following: There could also emerge from the chest, as you unlock it, a Grubber, he will have stolen an item! The Frequency Ratio represents their relative frequency over a large number of treasure chests.