‘Trixie and Katya Show’: TV’s Best New Talk Show Hosts Are Two Drag Queens ‘Trixie and Katya Show’: TV’s Best New Talk Show Hosts Are Two Drag Queens

Trixie and katya dating divas. Katya unfollowed trixie? : rupaulsdragrace

Are you kidding me?

The Trixie & Katya Show

So I never want to hurt the other people involved. I feel deaf culture rules of etiquette dating a wind-up slut who needs to get her pussy pounded by the dick of the world. By the way, if you were going to kill yourself but a YouTube series stopped you, you were never really going to do it.

I still feel like this is a prank by fucking Ashton Kutcher. She whips off said wig immediately, unzips the back of her handmade psychedelic pink muumuu, and plops onto the reclining couch, gazing up confusedly at the random chandelier that hangs from the ceiling. Catch me at the right light at the right angle, I look like a slut.

I was so afraid of people I never said a word. Now I love the idea of getting fucked by God. Cheat Sheet A speedy, smart summary of all the news you need to know and nothing you don't.

Is that why you think the partnership works so well? You could learn something! I feel like a slut! Ugh, that sounds so patronizing.


She comes back in and re-introduces herself. I never talked to anybody. I think if some obsessive fan wrote out all the traits, they would reach such a bizarre level of symmetry.

I have nothing to hide. What is the value of the two of you discussing this stuff? The show was born out of a YouTube series the Brians decided to collaborate on in the busy, opportunity-heavy, fruitful, yet confusing aftermath of their Drag Race experience.

I feel like a wind-up toy. I feel like a parade float. I love challenging people. I need to not be in drag at all. So why would you think this is gay comedy?

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Touch and also pull your hair off your head. Fucking thank you, bitch. Charging in right behind her, fussing with a sky-high blonde wig that would make Dolly Parton blush, is Trixie Mattelanother Brian: Because I was giving blowjobs behind a dumpster, basically, for bucks. Yeah, you run in horror and go hide your kids.

I have no body fat.

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Tell me something that is more fascinating! That was a joke. Trixie and Katya will be the first drag queens to host one since their mentor RuPaul hosted his VH1 series from to I have a little ballerina body.

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Right on cue, one of the verbal ping-pong match of escalating one-liners that define a good episode of The Katya and Trixie Show starts to take to place in real life. As they explain in the first episode: I think it works so well because we have absolute transparency and honesty.

But if that hot slut also has a dick, their whole world is fucked up.

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You actually can learn something. I think her openness encourages me to be more open. Laughs What do you make of the fascination with sex in drag?

But I have great advice. We have a similar career trajectory, in that we were on TV at the same time.

‘Trixie and Katya Show’: TV’s Best New Talk Show Hosts Are Two Drag Queens

To watch us dressed up talking about death? It will be the chorus of our conversation. Or at least I had when I was young. Who deserves TV shows, though?

Mine are completely absent and hers are supportive and perfect. I was a wallflower.

Want to add to the discussion?

The world is falling apart! I fantasized about getting fucked by the devil when I was a Catholic. Because a hot slut makes their dick hard. Also whatever trauma you had in your life that they know about, they need to tell you theirs immediately.

Both are in various states of drag, belying a discussion that nimbly navigates seriousness and outlandishness as we talk about the upcoming watershed in their careers.

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Sidney Prescott said it best in Scream 4: I feel like a toy, like a plaything. Get away from me! Guys like to fuck hot sluts.

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The ethos carried over to The Trixie and Katya Show, in which every episode is themed to a topic—death, God, sex, porn—and the duo essentially just riffs.

So this is pretty sweet. Drag lets you do that. You talk about sex in drag in one of the episodes. Both are in full makeup: