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And with a flourish of glamour and excitement that comes right out of F. Jimmy Darmody is such a great character, a dreamer and a killer, a lost child and a vengeful hero, a tragic loner and a loyal son.

Flashbacks to depict his time attending the university.

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Margaret Schroeder continues to blame her own sins for her daughter contracting polio. He flies into a rage when she tells him that his son Tommy will forget Angela in a month.

The next day Jimmy joins the army. Doyle informs Prohibition Agent Nelson Van Alden of their plans to meet and divide the profits, offering to split the whole take with Van Alden but Van Alden neoh interim professionals dating the offer.

Jimmy eventually returns to Atlantic City where Gillian is coolly arranging a funeral and planning their future as a family.

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We fade in on Jimmy's wife Angela, and that's a shocker because the previous episode the outstanding "Georgia Peaches" showed the sexy, dark-eyed Italian beauty meet with an unexpected accident while showering with a female friend.

This episode is really an "origins" story that explains in a series of gripping flashbacks the secret guilt that causes Jimmy to disintegrate in the present day story line. Nucky warns her not to act against him. While Jimmy is missing his bootlegging partners threaten Mickey Doyle into paying Jimmy out of his own profits.

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After a struggle Jimmy kills The Commodore and falls unconscious due to his injuries. He is woken again by Gillian who has brought Tommy down for reassurance.

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He tries to strangle Gillian but is stopped by The Commodorehis father. When Margaret is subpoenaed by the investigators she threatens to absolve herself through her testimony. She tells him that she wants to forget what he did and promises that things will get better.

She confronts Nucky about his involvement in her husband's death and he denies it.

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Her guilt drives her to argue with Nucky even as he plans to hand over his land investment to her out of fear of having it seized if he is convicted. And after this episode, you will understand why his downfall was inevitable long before he became a hero in no man's land.

Angela tells him that she is pregnant and he agrees to move in with her and offers a jokey proposal.

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Was this review helpful to you? Edit Jimmy Darmody takes refuge from his grief over the murder of his wife Angela in a drug and alcohol induced haze in a hotel in Princeton.

His mother Gillian comes to visit him and he takes her to a social mixer where she meets Angela, then his girlfriend. He wakes to find Richard Harrow cleaning up the scene and drifts back to sleep.

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He drinks heavily and when Gillian is manhandled by his teacher he beats the professor up. Nucky Thompson and his new attorney face multiple issues in attempting to defend against the federal investigation.

But little by little, we realize that this Angela is not the neglected wife and mother of but the fresh-faced waitress ofdating a dashing young Princeton man named.

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Scott Fitzgerald, we're off to an evening of college romance, college intrigue, and some very dark Oedipal drama. He then takes Gillian home and falls into bed with her; the mother and son commit incest.

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When Van Alden is about to be arrested he shoots a federal agent and escapes. Eli has been offered a deal; testify against his brother and avoid the death penalty.

But ultimately his light was dimmed.