Validating Database Files and Backups Validating Database Files and Backups

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Data Validation

If you see error messages in pick up artist flirting tips output and the RMAN message, then investigate the cause of the problem.

Start RMAN and connect to a target database and recovery catalog if used. As with any application that uses a relational database, regular maintenance and tuning of the database and schema is necessary. Specifically, all of the database servers that Alfresco Community Edition supports require a minimum level of index statistics maintenance validating databases frequent, regular intervals.

Data Validation

Checksum errors indicate data corruption. By setting an input mask in a field in Microsoft Access, it controls the way data can be entered. Unless your DBA suggests otherwise, Alfresco recommends daily maintenance. Validation requires exclusive access to the object being validated.

Returns orphan pages to free space.

Checking for Block Corruption with the VALIDATE Command

All of the procedures in this chapter apply validating databases CDBs, with the differences described in the following sections: However an experienced, certified DBA is required to get to this point.

The target database must be mounted or open.

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This enables IBConsole to ignore checksums when validating a database. If this option is checked, the database is checked for transactions in limbo, i.

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This command checks for physical corruptions only. We are unable to provide specialized support for maintaining or tuning your relational database. The database must be mounted or open for this command.

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This validates record fragments. The lack of error messages means that RMAN had confirmed that it can use these backups successfully during a real restore and recovery. This property allows the database designer to set a validation rule, so that data inputted into the database must follow a certain rule.

There is no point taking backups every night, for example, if they cannot be used when required.

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So, to perform a full validation and ignore checksums on a database, but reporting errors only, use the following command: Periodically, to monitor for corrupt data structures or misallocated space.

Reports corrupt data structures. If RMAN cannot back up one or more of the files, then it issues an error message. This command checks every block in a backup set to ensure that the backup can be restored.

This following example illustrates validating the restore of the database and all archived redo logs: Please refer to Database Corruption for further information concerning the recovery of corrupt databases.

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If you can be sure that no transactions are in progress when the backup is being made, the database server does not need to perform recovery steps. Recover a Corrupt Database The option required to fix a corrupted database is the gfix -m[end] command.

Validating your database

This option kills all unavailable shadow files. Subsequent database actions such as taking a backup will not include the corrupted records, leading to data loss. In addition, updates and deletes in the lookup table prevented by referential integrity occur when the data in the foreign key column of the data table is not present in the lookup table.

If a base table in the database file is corrupt, you should treat the situation as a media failure, and recover from your previous backup.

If no need to go deeper and validate at the record level as well, the command to do this is: