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Validating xml file against schema c# array, your answer

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I've tried making the root 'SlideDeck' element belong to the http: This utility along with the asian single solution dating sim will help you to accomplish the same.

This video can help you solving your question: Other changes are reasonable.

Connectivity Options

Add objSchemaCol ; objValidator. The utility will merely call the appropriate functions from the library. Any idea what might be happening here? The following code snippet shows the same which should be avoided at any cost. For more info regarding Extended Properties, check this out.

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Fill dt ; cn. Provision of batch processing capability. Connectivity Options There are two ways to manipulate an Excel file. Add "", strSchemaFile ; objValidator.

I've also tried adding just a schema to the proper uri leaving out the schema with no uribut depending on other settings, nothing is validated.

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NET applications also with minute changes. This can take three possible values. GetXml ; else return ds. I can't change the format of the XML document coming out much at all. The following are the salient features of this library: I'm trying to figure out how to validate XML against a schema in C.

But, if it uses XML namespaces, I start to run into problems. I can also control the XSD the program validates against as well if getting it to create and validate would best be accomplished by changes there. For Excel and above, it is set it to Excel 8.

Validating xml against schema

Here, everything will be treated as text. Usage of Microsoft Jet Engine to connect to Excel. This is very critical as Jet Engine might not give a proper error message if the appropriate details are not given.

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Otherwise, the heading will be generated by the system like F1, F2 and so on. The required attribute 'type' is missing.

Validate an XML file

In this article, we will discuss the implementation of the library functions. The connection string should be set to the OleDbConnection object.

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Download Binaries You can download the working application here [9. In this way, one can use this same library in ASP. Validate Handler ; The Schema.

Validating XML file against an XSD schema in an ASP.NET page

The library contains the core functionality to access and manipulate Excel data. I can make the 'SlideDeck' elements prefixed with 'xy', along with all the other elements, but I'd prefer not to have to modify all the code to additionally add the uri to the namespace and prefix to make that happen.

The XML I want to produce is: The important steps that have to be considered while connecting to Excel are as follows: If the XML is simple and uses no namespace elements everything seems to go great. Download demo files - 8. I've also tried adding an additional schema to the XmlDocument that references http: As per Microsoft recommendation, it is not advisable to use Office components on the server.

There will be many situations where we need to validate the format of Excel data sheet against a specified XML schema.

C# - Validating XML Against a Schema - Stack Overflow

You should change the XML to: In this case, it will take the first 8 rows and then the data type for each column will be decided. The big sticking points are the xmlns: So the connection will be done using Jet Engine. Greg Answers Your schema says that the SlideDeck element must have a type attribute - both in the null namespace, whereas in your XML the SlideDeck element has an attribute type in the http: Definition of Extended Properties: CreateElement "SlideDeck" ; xDoc.