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Vanderpump rules did kristen and jax hook up, thanks betch

James seemed to confirm that something happened when he said a 'little bit' when asked if he was hanging out with Kristen But James later insisted Jax got the wrong end of the stick, saying: Stassi revealed she was in a text fight with her boyfriend Patrick Tom Schwartz, meanwhile, admitted the big night out was a total 'blur' for him, too, and admitted he ended up at the wrong resort.

However, everyone jumped to the conclusion that this was somehow Kennedy confessing to hooking up with his ex. We don't send regular emails, we send cool emails We'll send you an email once a week with only the best stuff we put swag hairstyles for mexican girls for dating. Suggest a correction to this article James Kennedy and Kristen Doute have quite a hostile history with one another.

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Sandoval has been living in a rent-controlled apartment for the past 12 years. News, Doute wants to "claw" her skin off when she has to defend herself against cheating allegations and it is unfair for people to keep comparing this to her past infidelity's on the show Doute previously hooked-up with Taylor and lied about it.

Apparently Jax messaged Faith on Twitter and came over while she was caring for a year-old woman in her home?? Lala pointed out that it's easy to re-enter When Katie Maloney-Schwartz finally told Kristen about the rumor that she 'hooked-up' with her ex, Kristen looked genuinely stunned as she told them: Rumors started swirling as Taylor played detective and claimed to witness both Kennedy and Doute drinking alone together in the hot tub at 7 a.

Sandoval has noticeably shorter hair and Jax has a buzzcut. I realize how convoluted that sentence was, but stay with me. James is chilling with some new guy named Logan. And even after both Doute and Kennedy fiercely denied the hook-up, their fellow cast members and friends were still torn in terms of what to believe.

Brittany Cartwright Helped Save Jax Taylor's Friendship with This Vanderpump Rules Crew Member

You need to lock that man down! Who's In and Out! He then thought James 'full-out confessed' when he told the guys: You already humiliated the guy on national TV once, why do you have to go and insult his dick size? Vanderpump Rules continues next week on Bravo.

There's a lot at stake for him -- there's our marriage, and there's also Tom Tom,' she said of the bar Schwartz and Sandoval were starting with Lisa Vanderpump. What about every single one of your birthday parties since season 1?

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Newly single and nearly divorced, Scheana finds herself at the center of the SUR gossip when rumors about her new relationship begin to swirl. Click to read more and watch the video or.

Kristen was not having any of it Elsewhere, Stassi also admitted to problems with her boyfriend Patrick Meagher -- who she has split up with since the scenes were filmed -- admitting she had no interest in FaceTiming him as he wanted. Fucking her without a condom, legs in the air?

Meanwhile James is confronting Faith. Cool cool cool cool cool. How am I just seeing this??

Last night brought up the shocking accusation that the exes hooked up once again.

When has marriage ever fixed a broken relationship? Love that Scheana got rid of all their wedding photos except for the giant portrait of her face that was clearly taken in her bridal robe.

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Stassi tries to salvage her four-year relationship with Patrick, while Kristen devotes her energy to breaking up Jax and Brittany rather than focusing on her own relationship. How all serious relationship conversations should start.

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What could go wrong? Okay Faith is giving way too much detail rn.

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Lala was sent roses by her boyfriend When she asked Scheana if her boyfriend, Robert Valletta, sends flowers, she insisted: Curiously enough, there is footage of James and Kristen getting along when the group is out at the bar, but it seems the cameras were not rolling when the cast got back to the hotel.

I have a sexy girlfriend, she's about to be Miss USA! Two sides to every story When confronted by Taylor and another co-star, Tom Sandoval, Kennedy became defensive. Kristen and James were the last two partying at the end of a long night, hanging out by the pool alone together at 7: Sandoval started it and Jax spread the rumor.

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Call me when something new happens. Doute appeared on "Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live" last night April 2 and was actually shocked after seeing the episode that Kennedy never started the hook-up rumor. You should put a hex on Scheana so that every single photo of her is taken on her bad side.

I don't want to be on my phone, fighting, in Mexico,' she said. How depraved can you possibly be?? What is wrong with you people?

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I don't like presents, I like affection. Schwartz is truly diabolical. I don't think she's sexy or hot at all! He admitted to "maybe hanging out" with Kristen a little bit the night before but so was the rest of the cast.