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Select "Edit My Profile" at the bottom of the page. Use the "Edit My Profile" button, which can be found at the bottom of the page. Break links to your individual works, collections, or challenges since the direct links don't mention your username.

If your username on your works, bookmarks, collections, etc.

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To find out exactly how a username change would affect your works, bookmarks and other parts of your account, please check out How does changing my username affect my account? If you've been provided with an invitation link by another user, using this link should take you to the right place.

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Select "Gifts" from the menu found at the side of the page or at the top on a mobile device. Fill out the form with your new username and your password. Pseud Username What characters can I have in my account username? How can I change my username?

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You can't change your username to one already taken by someone else. Use the "Delete My Account" button at the bottom of your profile. Note that changes to your username may take several days or more to appear. Select "Gifts" from the menu found at the side of the page or at the top in a mobile device.

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Usernames must be unique. Use the "Change User Name" button to commit your changes. For example, a link to one of your works might be structured like this: Yes, so be sure to choose something you're happy for others to know you by! The work will move back into your list of accepted gifts, and your username will once again be listed as a recipient in the work's blurb and notes.

Change the username on all of your works and bookmarks. Use the "Change Email" button, which will be the last option below the page header.

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Select the "Refuse Gift" button under any work to refuse it. Although you can use Pseuds refer to the Pseuds FAQ to post under different names on the Archive, your username will be publicly displayed next to the pseud. If you don't get the activation email within a few hours of registering, please check your spam filter.

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To change a work's acceptance, select the "Accept Gift" button in that work's blurb. Log in, and go to your dashboard by selecting the greeting "Hi, [username]! If you don't verify your account within 14 days of setting it up, your registration will expire and you'll need to go through the account creation process again.

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Sherwin Vasallo

Select "Profile" from the menu found at the side of the page or at the top in a mobile device. If you would like to delete your account but want to keep your works online, please consider orphaning your works refer to the Orphaning FAQ.

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