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But he cannot help getting excited. Tatsumi comes to the rescue but beats the crap out of him first then drags his whupped ass out to safety. Last updated on February 13th,9: He kisses Mori, hurray! He deserves a lover that feels the same way and treats him kindly and passionately and acts stupid-in-love.

And a very hot scene comes then I like this manga so much.

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Morinaga had saved Tatsumi's little sister from a package bomb and was staying over when the fire breaks out.

Morinaga gets to "sleep" with him only after a lot of sweet-talking, going on and on about how kind Senpai is and how much he loves him and in return he gets to have sex with no real feelings attached, where he does all the hard work flirting with my mailman jacksonville nc body-worshiping kind of way, and even if they happen to sleep together after the act, Senpai hits him and acts cold as soon as he wakes up under the guise of being shy and not comfortable enough.

Later at a hotel, Tatsumi gives Morinaga the green light by saying "Do you want to do it? Sempai is really a tyrant, but he is so passionate.

I started reading it when vol 5 was out and waited patiently for each chapter to be released.

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Tatsumi is terrorized by a stalker who keeps escalating his pranks up to The further love misadventures of Tatsumi and Morinaga.

The house gets on fire, while Sempai is on school. Mori has to be so persuasive and patient to get his heart. Sempai thinks his intentions are others and does not want to who could blame him?

And surprisingly, is Sempai the one that gives the first step.

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This is the way of Sempai to show that he is worried. Mori gets trapped in the fire, and Sempai comes to save him Waiting for the next volume.

Sempai will have his own room with a key Now inhowever, I feel like despite the time passed, Tatsumi's feelings haven't developed into love. As a fan, I'm very dissatisfied with how things are atm. Literally, the only thing that has changed was Tatsumi's pleasure points and he gets to have the best from both worlds at this point.

I rated it as a 10 only because of ma boi, Morinaga.

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We see him trying to compromise with Morinaga my pure, innocent baby but he still identifies as straight, he avoids the issue addressing their relationship, he hasn't initiated intimate contact since the last chapter of vol 8 and that was an one-time-thing only.

He was so happy that Senpai remembers his name now, that he tries to explain some of his actions even though in the past he didn't bother at all.

However, he would kick you in the face! I expected more things from Tatsumi.

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He gets her out but then gets trapped himself. There are times in this story that you want to reach out and grab Tatsumi by the ponytail and rattle him around a bit.

So they spend the night in a hotel, where Mori tries to comfort However, at this point, even though Morinaga swallowed all these insults and abuse and apologized to Tatsumi a thousand times he replies with an "I'm sorry" almost every other panel for being gay or for wanting more and even though Morinaga confessed in the most endearing ways and had tons of sex with Tatsumi, it breaks my heart that the only thing he has accomplished is being Senpai's assistant at work, housekeeper and personal whore in bed.

Morinaga, very worried, moves in with Sempai and his little sister. They finally move out together, with a condition: He brightens up with the simpliest things and this is sooo angsty for me as a reader. The artwork is dreamy, the bishies are bishiful but this might not be for everyone because there is a whole lot of dub-con and frustrated plotting of non-con.

You can tell he has feelings for Mori, only that he cannot admit it nor show it.

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Since Morinaga is my personal favourite, I can only wait to see how Takagana-sensei can resolve this situation in a positive way. Morinaga, who has always met selfish partners his whole life, cannot even hope to find a partner that loves him back for who he is and this breaks my heart even more.

Tatsumi is terrorized by a stalker who keeps escalating his pranks up to full on arson. The romance does move along a bit further this time.