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Coffee is graded according to 3 criteria: Beforegolf balls were made of leather and were stuffed with feathers.

Former President Cleveland defeated incumbent Benjamin Harrison inbecoming the first and, to date, only chief executive to win non-consecutive terms to the White House.

Every year, surgical tools are left in approximately 1, patients in the USA.

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Beards are racial preference in dating scholar documents fastest growing hairs on the human body.

Frederick the great had his coffee made with champagne and a bit of mustard. Deloused armadillos and hedgehogs will die. Coca-Cola does not reduce your sperm count Coca-Cola was originally green Coca-Cola was so named back in for its two 'medicinal' ingredients: Got this off my lecture.

George Washington's teeth were actually: Civilization can be traced as far back as 2, B. Before roasting, some green coffee beans are stored for years, and experts believe that certain beans improve with age, when stored properly.

For hundreds of years, the people of Poona, India, have disposed of their dead by carrying the corpses to the top of a tower and letting the vultures eat them.

Beethoven used to pour cold water over his head to stimulate his brain before sitting down to compose. Holyoke, Massachusetts, makes it unlawful to water your lawn when it is raining.

Danishes are called Vienna cakes in Denmark, and Spanish rice is unknown in Spain. Deer sleep only 5 minutes a day. The parents disconnected their friendship. Napoleon's favorite was Marengo. To produce a new stem, only two shoots known as the daughter and the granddaughter are allowed to grow and be cultivated from the main plant.

Each year in America there are aboutdeaths that can be attributed to obesity. Cows sweat through their noses. Traffic, Demographics and Competitors - Alexa

Gargling in public is against the law in Louisiana. Chewing gum while peeling onions will keep you from crying Chicago has hosted the most presidential conventions with He was William Pitt, elected in Catnip can affect lions and tigers as well as house cats.

Dry wine is a wine that has been completely fermented, meaning that only 0. You wouldn't wanna tell a goldfish anything to improtant!! Earth's magnetic field has been weakening.

Eisenhower, an avid golfer, had a putting green installed on the White House lawn.

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Gunsmoke debuted on CBS-TV inand went on to become the longest-running 20 years series on television. So a 6 is 32 times more powerful than a 5! According to French tradition, Santa Claus has a brother named Bells Nichols, who visits homes on New Year's Eve after everyone is asleep, and if a plate is set out for him, he fills it with cookies and cakes.

England's Stonehenge is years older than Rome's Colosseum. And they had another choice: It's twice the size of the Rock of Gibraltar.

Fish scales are an ingredient in lipstick. During the chariot scene a small red car can be seen in the distance. Fourteenth century physicians didn't know what caused the plague, but they knew it was contagious.

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Developed in Egypt about 5, years ago, the greyhound breed was known before the ninth century in England, where it was bred by aristocrats to hunt such small game as hares. Canada is an Indian word meaning "Big Village. By registering free you are allowed just to access a little part of data.

Grasping your ears is a sign of repentance or sincerity in India. Bamboo can grow up to 36 inches in a day. Gustave Eiffel, the builder of the Eiffel Tower, also built a dam in Russia, a church in the Philippines, locks for the first attempt at the Panama Canal, and designed the right arm and full steel structure supporting the Statue of Liberty.

Chocolate melts in your mouth because cocoa butter has a melting point of just below 35 degrees C, a little under body temperature. The plant, called "flower of the blessed night" in Mexico was renamed in Poinsett's honor.

Brownies are first mentioned in print, listed for sale in the Sears, Roebuck and Co. Barbara Bush's book about her English Springer Spaniel, Millie's book, was on the bestseller list for 29 weeks. His parents thought he might be retarded.

Heavyweight tire manufacturer Goodyear is in no way affiliated with Charles Goodyear, the inventor of vulcanized rubber. - Filme und Serien Kostenlos online anschauen

Thats why little dogs are mean. People sent him 60, suggestions for cures. Hamsters love to eat crickets. Hippos kill more people in Africa when compared to crocodiles. Egypt, Cincinnati, and Jeff Davis. Bart Simpson's voice on the Simpsons is actually done by a woman, Nancy Cartwright.

Liquid Paper--sold 1, bottles first year. English has only one. In effect, this limited the speed to four miles per hour and retarded the development of all self-propelled vehicles, including the automobile. Before the first French cafe in the late 's, coffee was sold by street vendors in Europe, in the Arab fashion.