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No cleanup reason has been specified. This article may need to be rewritten entirely to comply with Wikipedia's quality standards. Bhoomi pooja ground breaking ceremony was performed in April The entire Temple is fully Air-conditioned for the convenience of the visiting devotees.

The Prethista of the same will be done on Ashadi Ekadasi July11 Lord Vitthal means another avatar of Lord Vishnu.

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May This article does not cite any sources. The discussion page may contain suggestions. The Mahadhwar main entrance of the Temple is of Maharashtrian style and is a 80 ft tall structural beauty, with a width of 62 ft.

If God stands upon a brick his feet will remain clean and dry. He agrees to take the form of Vitthala, or God who stood upon a brick, and a temple comes up there. Is believed that, this place have the power to wash all sins of human beings.

This temple become first in India who having priests, they are belongs to backward classes people and women.

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This is an unique opportunity to devotees. Prakaram for Temple is considered equivalent to Vashtram for God himself. Vitthal temple is a must-visit for sincere pilgrims on spiritual journey. Themselves, inside the sanctum sanctorum. Ardent devotees can feel in the calm silence of the night a melodious voice uttering Rama Nama rising from subdued tones to a crescendo, and then fading into silence again.

Even today, one can feel the spiritual presence of Sri Bodhendral in His Adhistaanam at Govindapuram. April This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. The main objective is to spread the Bhakthi cult through Namasankeerthanam, the easiest way to attain liberation in the age of Kali and to build a unique Maharashtrian Hemandapanthi style temple for Sri Pandurangan and Rukmini Devi.

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Likewise, at certain timing of each day, devotees could perform Pradhakshnam of God and Goddess. Seeing this act, Lord Vishnu is extremely impressed and the ever-loving God waits for his devotee. Bhagavatha Mela was conducted prior to the Bhoomi Pooja vaibhavam on June 02, The Kalash itself is 18 ft high.

The ceiling of the vasantha Mandapm is decorated with fiber class Printing. In this story a vital role played by bhakt Pundalik.

The temple has a lengthy Prakaram outer circle. Along with Vitthala, Rakhumai is also worshipped here.

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The timing for such opportunity of each day, would be announced later. Mandir's architecture is explained in detail in the Architecture section. The Dome is of South Indian architectural design.

A huge Kalash Kalasam crowns the Maha Gopuram. Then, Pundalik does something strange but out of real devotion. What more one needs?

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Large number of Bhagavathas and Bhakthas joined the Bhoomi Pooja. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Large size of decorative depictions of 16 various Leelas divine actions of Lord Sri Krishna, sculptured in high quality wood are fixed inside the premises.

Lord Vitthala in his temple is very powerful and to a genuine Bhakta he shows his presence and blesses them.