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So that the good or bad public perception in this case is determined by the attitude of the company itself. Third, submit a complaint about the problem of palm oil plantations based on three aspects, namely: In addition the East Kotawaringin District Government has also formulated several programs to overcome the negative impact of palm oil plantation development pull bear spain online dating set out in Account Source: Peta Provinsi Sumatera Selatan Second, provide support for every activities undertaken by palm oil plantation companies.

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Conversion of natural forests is still ongoing until now even more crazy because of lust Central Kalimantan Provincial Government who want to make palm oil as a major source of foreign exchange for the economy in the Province of Central Kalimantan.

Peta Provinsi Sumatera Barat Environmental sustainability is defined wacana provinsi kotawaringin raya dating an environmentally sustainable system must be able to maintain a stable resource, avoiding the exploitation of natural resources and environmental absorption functions. These input stages are the stages that will see some inputs consisting of some planning documents, and some of the issues about palm oil plantations that have been complained by the community to the government.

For the provision of this conservation area, the researcher considers that there are still many palm oil plantation companies in East Kotawaringin District that have not yet provided conservation area on their palm oil plantations.

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This planning process will synchronize between the regulation with the factual conditions that occur in the field. While the planning documents of the company is RPL, as well as some problems of palm oil plantations that are complained by the community to the government.

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The thing that causes the intensity of the conflict to decline is because the company always provides the appropriate empowerment program to the community around the plantation.

The commodities referred to here are rubber plant which is also a superior commodity of East Kotawaringin District.

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Then the synchronization result between the two matters will be discussed transparently and jointly by East Kotawaringin District Government, palm oil Plantation Company, and community representative. The first activity is an analysis which is an activity to analyze some planning documents and also root problem analysis to some of the complaints from the community.

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Next, data analysis techniques used are spiral data analysis techniques developed by Ian Deyas follows: Peta Provinsi Lampung This is because there is no special regulation from the government that regulates the sanctions given to companies that are not cooperative.

Figure 2 - Data Analysis Techniques: Sources of data from this research are informants, events, and documents. Stages of the process are divided into two activities namely the analysis activities, and discussion activities. Then, the second activity carried out at the stage of the process is a discussion which is a synchronization between the results of the analysis of some planning documents and the results of the analysis of the root causes of problems complained by the community.


Efforts of palm oil plantation companies to realize sustainable development are as follows: But the intensity of the conflict from year to year has tended to decrease. Figure 1 - Sustainable Development Aspects Economic sustainability is defined as a development that is able to produce goods and services continuously to maintain the sustainable government.

Peta Provinsi Bangka Belitung Tinggal di cetak ke printer warna, jadilah sudah peta provinsi yang berwarna dan gratis! Efforts of the community in realizing sustainable development are as follows: Peta Provinsi Aceh Third, is the provision of conservation area.

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Peta Provinsi Jambi Untuk mendapatkan peta-peta ini, anda tinggal klik kanan salah satu nama provinsi dibawah ini dan pilih gambar petanya, kemudian Save Image As ke harddisk komputer anda. Development planning process of palm oil plantation development that leads to the realization of sustainable development can be done through three stages namely: Peta Provinsi DI Yogyakarta First, the maintenance and environment conservation such as maintenance and conservation can be seen through the efforts of land empowerment, crop and environmental treatment, harvesting and production process, up to the provision of plasma plantations for the community around the plantation.

Peta yang terdapat pada situs ini beresolusi tinggi mulai dari x pixel sampai x pixel sehingga anda bisa memperbesar tanpa menyebabkan gambar menjadi pecah. Peta adalah salah satu topik yang banyak di cari di dunia internet, hampir dari kita semua membutuhkan peta, lebih-lebih jika kita akan bepergian ke suatu daerah yang belum kita kenali.

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Peta Provinsi Jawa Timur. The focus of this research is: Peta Provinsi Jawa Barat First, to contribute labor to palm oil plantation companies, so that companies can run the wheels of the economy.

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Peta Provinsi Jawa Tengah Negative impacts from the social side are the occurrence of overlapping conflicts between companies and communities. First, East Kotawaringin District has a duty to facilitate a forum of deliberations that discuss the efforts of sustainable development in the development of palm oil plantations.

Third, East Kotawaringin District Government must apply strict sanctions for plantation companies that do not implement environmental conservation programs, and which do not support the efforts of sustainable development.

To overcome these environmental and social problems, the clearing of land for palm oil plantations should be limited and should be diverted to other commodity functions whose production is not inferior to palm oil commodities, and certainly this commodity is more environmentally friendly.

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Input, process, and output. Peta Provinsi Riau Peta Provinsi Sumatera Utara Negative environmental impacts such as the function of forest land conversion will be catastrophic environmental damage. This program is intended to help communities around plantations that own land but do not have the capital to manage the land.

Second, the preparation of co-chairs is done by the Government of East Kotawaringin District by preparing the team to conduct environmental conservation to every palm oil plantation company operating in East Kotawaringin District.

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Data collection technique is done through interview, observation, documentation study. Efforts of East Kotawaringin District Government in realizing sustainable development are as follows: Social sustainability, social sustainability is defined as a system capable of achieving equality, the provision of social services including health, education, gender, and political accountability.

Peta Provinsi Kepulauan Riau Second, the community empowerment program by palm oil plantation companies, one example is the partnership program plasma.

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