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He has always appeared as a playable character in many spin-off titles, and is yet to get an appearance in a mainstream Super Mario game.

Appearances Episodes 1 As soon as Waluigi came to the island, he was asking questions about Witch.

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Challenges I ran into: Seeing Witch spit some hot bars at Vinesauce drove Waluigi to ask Witch out on a friendly date even though she lost the rap battle. During the first rap battle, Waluigi is standing behind Vinesauce, acting as a hype man, though this choice was not based on any existing relationship with him waluigi dating sim vinesauce the two had not yet been formally introduced.

We're not sure yet, maybe one day we'll add more questions, animations, different songs and even more endings.

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What's next for Waluigi Dating Sim: We learned that using functions and keeping your code organized the extremely important. From there, their relationship blossomed, and has become the most steady on the island.

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For all of us, Waluigi is one of our favourite characters in the Super Mario series. He is also one of many most-requested characters for the Super Smash Bros. The genre of music or instruments used is not mentioned. Overview Waluigi is a resident of Vineland Island.

So, we settled on a dating sim, with strange drawings and music and ironically bad graphics to show just how much we love Waluigi as a meme. Even though he's not the most popular and he's also a bit evil, there's just something so amusing about his voice, his appearance, his everything.

He likes to think big and dream even bigger.

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Waluigi is the manager of the rankings board, which he puts up in part 1. At the end of the day, Waluigi and Witch are sitting at the beach, soaking in the dusk sky.

We mainly used functions to separate each frame in the game, so for example: The questions are related to him, and there are 4 answers you can choose from.

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How I built it: This was usually because of the confusion between global and local variables. Accomplishments that I'm proud of: Although he is usually seen helping Wario commit crimes against humanity, he is much more docile in his domestic life.

In this game, Waluigi will ask you 5 questions. Deciding to take a up a hobby that benefits the community, Waluigi establishes a Rankings Board, which he continues to manage in the background throughout the series. From the moment Waluigi stepped foot into his apartment, he was interested in his neighbor, Sklort McFungus.

We're all proud of the final product, especially the overall appearance and music of the game. His first request was to be friends with her. Origin Waluigi is a character from Nintendo, first appearing in the game Mario Tennis in He's just the perfect meme.

[Vinesauce] Vinny : Alpaca dating sim

The goal of the game is to get Waluigi to fall in love with you, which will only happen if you get ALL 5 questions right. We felt most accomplished when the small bugs in the game, how it would skip questions and such, were finally fixed.

For a while, we had difficulty organizing the code using functions. A lot of times, the system would skip questions, or it would say that a question was answered right when it was wrong. Which is a lot. He states "I'd like to post all sorts of ranking info on this board from now on" so it can be assumed that he updates it daily.

The two become close, forming a relationship that seems natural, like the two had known eachother forever. Which is why we decided to make a game involving him for fun.

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If you get even one question wrong, he will reject you. Waluigi claims to practice music as a hobby.

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You got a question wrong! We purposely made the questions and answers nonsensical for amusement purposes. After introducing himself to her, they became quick friends.

We used python and pygame to code the game. But it couldn't just be any game, it had to be ridiculous and strange enough to properly represent Waluigi.