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Mary informs him that her uncle is a wrecker. However, at the last moment Mary changes her mind and lets the stage coach depart with her luggage.

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Davey sends her back to the inn in his coach but on the way it is intercepted by the wreckers, led by Joss. Mary quickly finds out that Patience lives in fear of her husband, who turns violent when drunk and whose regular guests include ruffians and criminals.

Shortly thereafter, Martha dies. Bassatt and Davey show up at the inn, and Davey offers to take Mary in. Mary confides in him what she has learned of illegal activity at the inn.

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She manages to escape the inn and goes to Altarnun, where she leaves a message for Davey, who is not home. Mary notices this but conceals it from the guards.

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They also prominently feature a Celtic symbol she recognizes as the one worn by the leader of the outlaw band. She also discovers that illegal activity is going on, with goods loaded on wagons at night.

The wreckers take Mary with them to the coast where she witnesses a ship wreck and the subsequent attack on the survivors. Jem wants to go wherever his path takes him and they say goodbye.

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The wreckers then return to the inn. Davey returns home and confesses to Mary to being the secret leader of the wreckers. After recovering from the ordeal, Mary says she wants to return to a respectable life at Helston and not become completely dependent on a man like her mother did.

Meanwhile, the vicar has rejoined the squire and Jem and learns that the latter found a brand new horseshoe in the heather near the inn and plans to have its owner, the likely murderer, identified by the local smith.

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Mary leaves her home town of Helston. When a wagon transporting prisoners scheduled for execution suffers a breakdown near the inn, a young man helps the prisoners escape. Later, when she takes a walk over the moor, Mary encounters the vicar of Altarnunthe reverend Francis Davey, who escorts her back to the inn.

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Her uncle threatens one of his consorts, who may later have been killed based on a conversation Mary overhears between her uncle and someone who may be the leader of the criminal gang.

Mary wakes up to find Joss has locked up the inn and sits waiting with a gun.

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At his home, she discovers paintings by him that show the two of them in a Druidic ceremony. Visiting him later at his church she finds out that he is much interested in local lore and mythology. However, his men accompany her back to the inn, where they find both her aunt and her uncle murdered.

However, she only later learns the whole truth about their wrecking activity when her uncle confesses to it in a drunken stupor.

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He believes himself to be a reborn druid, and takes Mary, whom he has fallen in love with, to a standing stone overlooking the cliffs. Mary is forced to walk home across the moor in driving rain and is discovered by Davey.

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The pursuers, following blood hounds, close in and Jem offers Davey a choice between jumping off the cliff and being shot by him. On Christmas Eve Jem and Mary go to the market at Launceston together and have a good time but he then fails to pick her up with his cart.