Colonoscopy Procedure, Prep Tips, Diet, Times & Side Effects Colonoscopy Procedure, Prep Tips, Diet, Times & Side Effects

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I had to fast the day prior and at 5pm drink a prescription laxative called MoviPrep.

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I went in today and during the procedure was given Demerol and Versed. Keep it well chilled.

Colonoscopy Procedure with Sedation - Video Dailymotion

Adverse reaction to the sedative used during the exam Bleeding from the site where a tissue sample biopsy was taken or a polyp or other abnormal tissue was removed A tear in the colon or rectum wall perforation After discussing the risks of colonoscopy with you, your doctor will ask you to sign a consent form authorizing the procedure.

May 10 I had my third colonoscopy a week ago. The "cleaning out" part wasn't fun for him but not awful and the procedure itself went very easily for him. Two nurses were really pushing on my abdomen for a good amount of time.

Lying there exposed on the table makes you feel vulnerable, though the nurses and doctor were absolutely fantastic.

They may also remove samples of tissue for biopsy or remove an outgrowth of tissue known as a polyp.

Why it's done

I was pleased to discover that my health insurance covered completely! They shouldn't operate any motor vehicle after the colonoscopy, due to effects from the sedatives. Relaxation drug and bit of oxygen, and I didn't feel a thing, absolutely painless.

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Lucy, Female Patient Published: Rarely, complications of a colonoscopy may include: Mary S, 75 or over Female Patient Published: I wondered whether this might have been the source of my brief discomfort, but supposedly you can't really feel that happening, so I doubt it.

I had to take one gallon in total and it started acting in 45 minutes. Took one packet of this at 7pm and another at 6am the next morning. The hardest part for me was having to starve myself and drink what seemed like a tub full of nasty liquid substance and camp out in the toilet for what seemed like an eternity.

Cost of a Colonoscopy

J, Female Patient Published: Oh, and I lost 12 lb. A doctor will often prescribe an oral solution to drink to help clean out the colon. April 05 I was terrified of the thought of drinking the solution for days before! A colonoscopy typically takes about 30 to 60 minutes.


Once I woke up, I was told that they could not do the test because my legs would not keep still. I suggest picking up a 6-pack - of toilet paper - when you pick up the laxative, and stay close to the bathroom. June 19 My first colonoscopy was done today.

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Robert, Male Patient Published: March 22 I had an attempted colonoscopy 2 weeks ago. Mouthwash after each drink seemed to work the best.

Everything before the test went well including the prep.

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It was so uncomfortable and I thought the endoscope was going to perforate my bowel. Although it is not very nice I managed it without sedation.

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This tool is a flexible tube that is lighted, and which has a tiny camera attached to it. A member of the medical staff will insert an intravenous IV catheter into the person's vein so they can receive medications during the procedure.

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Cyuga, Female Patient Published: April 12 Rest assured this colonoscopy test is not painful. During my test I awoke when the nurse was pushing on my side to I assume move the scope around a corner in my body. The gastroenterologist was mortified and assured me that she would schedule a real anesthesiologist for my repeat exam but I will not go back.

I almost stopped it, I cried a little, and the nurses held my hand.

Step 1: Plan Your Prep

It is not unusual to feel sleepy or groggy after the procedure. He took 10 biopsies and I watched. They did find a large polyp that turned out to be benign. August 08 I had a Colonoscopy a few hours ago. But I hardly passed any motion at all that morning and I was very worried they wouldn't let me have the colonoscopy.

How to Prepare for a Colonoscopy

About a week later my results came in the mail. I just have to say that this test is so important. I remember thinking, "I should tell them that feels uncomfortable. Please describe your experience with a colonoscopy.

ShBlog: My Colonoscopy: The Procedure

You can have gelatin and ice pops, but stay away from anything colored red, blue, or purple. Patients also may feel bloated and experience abdominal distension after the procedure. November 05 Preparing for the test was the worst part.