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His career was split between these teams: Allen Iverson "The Answer" arm band. He came close when the 76ers won game one against LA Lakers in ' Blackmon ended up not being compensated for coming up with the nickname The Answer. However, it was reported that the team decided to part with Iverson.

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How silly is that? Reports began to emerge in that Iverson had gambling problems, drinking problems, and that he had ran out of money. Allen Iverson is a Basketball player who plays in the NBA for the Pistons The pistons traded chauncey billups, and cheki samb also, antonio mcdyess but they got him back.

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Now, for many of those players, perhaps their earnings were not high enough to sustain the kind of lifestyle that one gets used to as an NBA player. In an article in Sport Illustrated a few years ago, the claim was that over half of all NBA players are broke within five years of their careers being over.

I never showed any weakness. He returned to the 76ers for one year at the league minimum salary, and then signed a contract to play for a year in Turkey. He motivates me at playing basketball all my life I played in the World Youth Games.

He bounced around the league after that, serving short lived stints with the Detroit Pistons and the Memphis Grizzlies.

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Allen Iverson currently plays for the Philadelphia 76ers. What is known is that back inhe bought a beautiful mansion in Philadelphia for five million dollars. What position does Allen Iverson play?

It is as simple as that. He lead both the football and the basketball teams to state championships, and was named the high school player of the year in both sports.

I just kept going strong until I came out. He had incidents at casinos in and Does Allen Iverson Have Kids?

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He does have two sisters. In addition to that, he played three other positions at the same time, which is ridiculous.

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I see me overcome things that a lot of people would break down [from]. Who is Allen Iverson?

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Seven of his friends were shot dead in a few years, but Allen was positively distracted from troubles while playing basketball. He was again sued by someone who claimed that his bodyguard had assaulted them, but this case was thrown out by the judge.

Allen Iverson Quotes

Do you like Allen Iverson? If you love that, then cool. Many would say that Allen Iverson is one of the greatest basketball players who have unfortunately never received an NBA Championship.

He had quickly become one of the most popular basketball players in the world. Sadly, Allen Iverson is an example of one of those players. He is also reported to have dropped tens of thousands of dollars per night in strip clubs, and allegedly blew through a million dollars in one night at a casino.

Iverson played basketball professionally from until his official retirement in Allen played three matches, collected an average 9. In he signed a one-year contract with the Memphis Grizzlies club.

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As he went through school, it was immediately obvious that Iverson was an incredible athlete. He was charged with a felony for hitting a woman in the head with a chair in a bowling alley and sentenced to fifteen years in jail, with ten of the years suspended.

He announced his retirement on October 30, InIverson married Tawanna Turner, however, they divorced in Where Does Allen Iverson Live? Why should I come off the bench? During his playing days, he signed a lifetime endorsement deal with Reebok.

If he did it, I can do it. Inhe retired from basketball. Iverson is a role model for many and continues to be one today. But in other cases, players certainly made enough money that they should be able to remain wealthy for the rest of their lives. The name was coined by a family friend, who financially supported Iverson when he was young and his family was terribly poor.

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That may seem like a silly distinction, but it illustrates how he was able to dominate the game despite his diminutive size. In an interview he gave inhe said that rumours that he was bankrupt were untrue. The greatest season of his career came in He successfully played in this team until