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Who is juan pablo dating after the bachelor, featured in entertainment

Who Won 'The Bachelor' 2014? Did Juan Pablo Choose Clare or Nikki?!

Newlyweds and Bachelor success story Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici couldn't contain their confusion at the situation Slamming: Because Juan Pablo, I love the guy, he's a really great guy, but sometimes when things are getting rough, he walks away from the relationship," asked another of Juan Pablo's relatives.

At least Claire saw him for who he was.

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The producers of the show should have known better than to chose him in the first place. She liked him way more than he liked her.

Juan Pablo Galavis

When the 'happy couple' returned to the stage during the After The Final Rose show, Juan Pablo avoided answering any questions as to whether or not be was in love with Nikki With the microphones off during a helicopter ride on their Last Chance date, the Miami-based stud told Clare: Will you accept my final rose?

So right now Niki loves him, ok. He chose to tell me something that no woman wants to hear. He chose to tell me something that no woman wants to hear.

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Wang Piglo Worst bachelor ever!!!!!! A dapper Juan Pablo at the start schallplatten singles dating the season When asked most directly if he loved her, the sportsman got irritated and said: This guy is to self absorbed, if he cared he would have gotten to know the girls on a personal level rather than a physical one.

Nikki is young and still in fairytale stage of life.

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The jilted beauty told the Bachelor it was 'easy to just kiss and show your feelings' before adding that he is 'not the man I thought you were' Radar described the programme as 'the most uncomfortable ever' while Us Weekly declared Clare 'dodged a bullet' in narrowly becoming Juan Pablo's chosen girl.

Maybe you should just stop watching the show, since you obviously take it so seriously. Nikki is boring and phony, and looked like an idiot sitting with him last night.

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Clare at the end had enough smarts to walk away. Clare Wow, talking about turning the tables….


You made a comment about stuff that happened with us in private," Clare told Juan Pablo. I'm shocked by what Juan Pablo said to Clare. What happens after the final rose? He introduced her to his daughter, that was the giveaway that she was the one he was interested in.

That implies that she did sleep with him. Jenna Get a grip people. Why does he have to say it if he is not there yet. Juan Pablo told her that she wasn't right, and that's when Clare's anger came out.

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What did you think of the finale? I think he wants to leave the player side open for him. He doesnt have to love nikki, no one is forcing him to love her.

Her fake smiles and laughs said it all. What an arrogant C unt This beady eyes uneducated self-centre rude disrespectful to women looser who is stil live in his mum Dad apartment with his daughter is a big ass looser… I would not date him even if he beg me with not just one but 2 dozen rosed.

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The only class people in this show have been Juan Pablo and Nikki. I think Nikki deserve better than what he willing to give which is notting.

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She always gave everyone the answers they wanted to hear. I realize that guys I have dated were dating other women but the ironic part was when I started to also date around it would piss the other guy off and they saw it more like a competition rather than truly finding someone to love.

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Former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky tweeted: He wants everything to be private yet you signed up for a show on primetime…What a genius! ALL of the women did, dummy.

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Juan Pablo donned his dapper suit while Clare and Nikki put on their loveliest gowns and got ready for the toughest choice of the season. Joni James KC Native: Clare was uninterested in having another conversation with Juan Pablo in her After The Final Rose interview Juan Pablo's comments may be shocking, but long term fans of the show will hardly be surprised.


Most of the time…. Wish them nothing but happiness. And why the hostility over him not telling her he loves her. I think there is someone out there that would have respect for her and treat her like a lady not just a notch in his belt. Ha ha on her for being such a moron. Is Juan Pablo the most hated Bachelor?