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She is in a relationship with Ruby, whom she later marries.

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Paul is openly gay and has sex with Ivan and Grayson, before marrying Johnny. Finn Bartonportrayed by Joe Gill, appeared on the soap from to Home and Away[ edit ] Home and Away is an Who is zolisa xaluva dating games television soap opera broadcast by Seven Networkwhich began airing in January Peter is married but is revealed to be in an extramarital affair with a family friend.

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Grace Blackportrayed by Tamara Wallhas appeared in the series since Kieron is a priest who came out to John Paul, resulting in them beginning an on-off fling. Bazil McCourteyportrayed by Toby Jun hyun moo dating simappeared in the serial between and Like the actress who plays her, Sally is a transgender female, who is later vincent christianet dating to be John Paul's father.

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Syed is initially a closeted homosexual, whose Islamic religion prevents him from coming out. Charlie Bucktonportrayed by Esther Andersonappeared in the serial between and Lee Thompsonportrayed by Carl Ferguson, appeared in the serial in Debbie is bisexual and although mainly has relationships with men, she had a relationship with Jasmine.

Colin's other relationships include Guido and Eddie. Texas Longfordportrayed by Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove, appeared in the series between and Charlotte is bisexual and the former partner of Lydia.

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Christian mainly involved in a relationship with Syed, although has aided the coming outs of Steven and Ben and has sex with Lee. Ronnie is openly gay and the former partner of Lawrence, who he reunites with upon his arrival.

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After initially rebuffing Carsten Reimann and bullying him for being homosexual, he comes to terms with his own homosexuality, and the two begin a relationship. Gina Patrickportrayed by Dannielle Brentappeared in the serial between and The two later began a more serious relationship in Steven Bealeportrayed by Aaron Sidwellappeared in the serial regularly between andbefore returning in Ben is originally portrayed as a camp child, who enjoys singing and dancing.

Jen Gilmoreportrayed by Amy Downham, appeared in the series between and Harry is gay, although he is closeted. Connie originates from Australia and dated Yvonne, who she was engaged to. poaches Generations stars | Channel24

Craig later returns and commits to a relationship with John Paul and they leave together. Jonny Fosterportrayed by Richard Grieveappeared on the serial between and Despite being married to a man, Sonia begins an affair, and later relationship, with Naomi in Vanessa and Charity go on to begin a more serious relationship in Paul Lambertportrayed by Matthew Boseappeared on the serial between andand in and Then again, her anger is what sustains her.

Farrah Maalikportrayed by Krupa Pattani, has appeared in the series since Max Lawson, portrayed by Marcus D'Amico, appeared inis in a gay relationship with Sami but it ultimately breaks down and Max returns to his wife.

Guido is gay and begins a relationship with Colin until their departures when they separate.

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Sonia Fowlerportrayed by Natalie Cassidyhas appeared in the serial on-off since Eve falls in love with a heterosexual woman and dies trying to avenge the woman's death.

Dean Silvermanportrayed by Gary Brun, appeared in the serial in Craig Deanportrayed by Guy Burnetappeared in the serial between andreturning for a guest stint in He dropped out of the course with one year to go, due to financial difficulties. Sibusiso "Sbu" Nzungu Lungelo Lubelwana The boy from the streets who could be the most explosive talent that South Africa - and the world - has seen.

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Emily Mahon, portrayed by Eimear Morrissey, is the former partner of Laura, whose relationship deteriorated following interference. Robert Sugdenportrayed by Ryan Hawley sinceappeared on the serial between andin and from Hustle is a local drama series set in the volatile music industry, showing just how far some people will go to reach Number 1.

Intially hired for a six-episode run, his character proved popular and his contract was extended first to three months, then to a year. Although she has initially appeared as heterosexual, she has a one-night stand with Sarah and claims that she loves her one day.

Harold Wentworthportrayed by Ryan Scott from towas Days first openly gay character.

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Kelly later dies and Tanya reconciles with Matt. Craig is initially portrayed as heterosexual but later begins identifying as bisexual. Scanlanappeared in the series between and Will Horton is one of the show's legacy characters who was "born onscreen" in and "grew up in front of the audience".

In this instance, Christian is enjoying the first flush of romance and we've shown him being affectionate with his new boyfriend in the same way any couple would.

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Scott Drinkwellportrayed by Ross Adamshas appeared in the series since Anni leaves for Barcelona and Jasmin realizes her love for Anni. When Christopher returned to the serial, it is revealed he is gay. After having a serious relationship with a male she sleeps with Charity inprompting her to question whether she is bisexual.

Simon is gay and has a relationship with Tony.

James is gay and a childhood friend of Christian, who he later has a fling with. Jason Malinga, portrayed by Zolisa Xaluva, appeared in the serial between and Ivan Jonesportrayed by Daniel Brocklebankappeared on the serial between and Senzo is initially perceived as heterosexual before kissing Jason; their kiss sparked a huge controversy with viewers.

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Zoe is a lesbian, who dates many women including Charity before developing schizophrenia. Steven is bisexual and comes out after kissing Christian.

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James is a gay lawyer who pays Harry to sleep with him and later, enters a relationship with John Paul. Colin Russellportrayed by Michael Cashmanappeared in the serial between andbefore returning briefly in Sonia later reunited with her husband, although following their divorce, she has a relationship with Tina.

She wants power, recognition, and for Kitt to stay down - and far away! Joey Collinsportrayed by Kate Bellappeared in the serial in