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In the episode "Other People's Mothers", the depth of Rayanne's troubles are revealed when she suffers a drug and alcohol overdose at her own party. Despite his high IQ and insight into other characters, he lacks emotional intelligence and is socially awkward and self-righteous.

Angela has a crush on Jordan Catalano and admires him from afar; they later begin dating and eventually break up.

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Unlike many TV mothers, she is the main breadwinner and, at the beginning of the series, employs her husband. Danes' audition impressed both, but as she was 13 and had to attend school, after her casting, the show increased the screen time for the parental characters.

LDS en Just make sure you and others at church help her feel welcome. Critical reception[ edit ] My So-Called Life has received widespread critical acclaim and is praised by some critics as one of the greatest television series of all time. She is opinionated and often expresses her strongly held beliefs, which at one point leads to a confrontation with the free-spirited mother of Rayanne.

Jordan Catalano is played by Jared Leto. Danielle Chase, played by Lisa Wilhoitis Angela's younger sister. This tends to alienate him from his peers.

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Common crawl en We welcome you in our house, and wish you pleasant holidays. Themes[ edit ] My So-Called Life dealt with major social issues of the mids, including child abusehomophobiateenage alcoholismhomelessnessadulteryschool violencecensorshipand drug use.

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He's soft-spoken and struggles with his role in the household and the direction of his life in general. When his uncle kicks him out of the house, he is fostered briefly by the Chases; he is then fostered by gay English teacher Richard Katimski played by Jeff Perrywho becomes a mentor to him.

Sharon Cherski, played by Devon Odessawas Angela's best friend throughout childhood until Angela became friends with Rayanne. He is good-looking but rebellious, his bad boy image masking the real reason for his poor scholastic record he has an undiagnosed learning disability and is nearly illiterate.

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With these new relationships, Angela finds herself in precarious and sometimes dangerous situations; despite temptation, she remains levelheaded and responsible. Graham Chase, played by Tom Irwinis Angela's father. His partner Marshall Herskovitz thought, however, that Silverstone was too beautiful to play a conflicted teenager uncertain of herself.

The other characters usually turn to him only when they have an academic or technological query, and he usually seems willing if not actually pleased to help them out.

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You will find advertisements, for the sharing of furnished apartments in New York. He is a gay year-old boy being raised by his uncle, who physically and emotionally abuses him.

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No one ever learned a very important lesson or uttered the phrase 'I love you, Dad. Tino is also the lead singer of Jordan's band, Frozen Embryos later called Residue.

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To do this, she distances herself from her past and pulls away from her parents and her childhood friends, Sharon Cherski and Brian Krakow.

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In their place, she befriends Rayanne Graff and Rickie Vasquez. Brian Krakow, played by Devon Gummersallhas an unrequited crush on Angela and is longtime friends with both her and Sharon. She is attempting to discover and assert her identity.

Langeris Angela's new best friend at the beginning of the series.

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The site's consensus reads, "Effectively avoiding cliche and cheesy exposition, My So-Called Life's realistic portrayal of the average American girl is ahead of its time". Lattimer, welcome to Warehouse She has a biting and sarcastic wit, serving as somewhat of a comic relief throughout the show.

Alicia Silverstone auditioned before Danes and impressed producer Edward Zwickwho wanted to cast her as Angela; she was also emancipatedso she could work longer hours. Suddenly, Angela's parents are relatable. He reveals his emotional depth in his songwriting ability and his occasional profound thoughts.

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Rickie wears eyeliner and bright clothing and feels most at home in the girls' bathroom with Rayanne and Angela. There is an emphasis on how much she is ignored by her family.

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Brian is a conflicted character, fearing and often rejecting the intimacy that he intensely desires. Many shows at the time used these themes as a one-time issue a " very special episode " that was introduced as a problem at the beginning of an episode and resolved at the end, but on My So-Called Life these issues were part of the continuing storyline.

Sharon is pretty, conventional and academically minded, but her values and ideals are challenged throughout the show and she grows to be more open-minded.

The show depicts the teenage years as being difficult and confusing rather than a light, fun-filled time. The title of the show alludes to the perception of meaninglessness that many teenagers experience and encapsulates the main theme of the series.

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Rayanne Graff, played by A. Tino is never actually seen but is mentioned in almost every episode as a running joke of the series. He becomes friends with Rickie towards the middle of the series. Danielle narrates the penultimate episode, "Weekend", in voice-over.

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In the episode "Halloween", she dresses up as Angela and fools her parents with her near-exact replication of Angela's red hair, clothes, and demeanor. He is a friend of Jordan and Rayanne. Angela narrates 17 of the 19 episodes in voice-over. Defence of the Rule of Law, increased citizen confidence in the institutions, democratic dialogue, great care to avoid racism and xenophobia, respect and compensation for victims - and in this regard I welcome the Commissioner's proposal - and also a foreign policy based on these principles: What's even more impressive is that anyone who watched the show back in the '90s, when angst and Manic Panic felt totally of the moment, can now enjoy it on a very different level.