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Click "Next" once more and on the final page of the wizard, choose "No" and click "Next" and then "Finish" to close the wizard. This opens the networking control panel for Internet Explorer the default Internet settings for the computer. Turn on the router before continuing. You will need to have an Ethernet port in the back of the computer, and a card which is supported under Windows Jackson maintains a travel blog and regularly writes for the travel market.

You should now be able to start surfing the Internet. Be aware that Windows 98 provides limited security features compared to later operating systems. The cable should fit firmly inside the modem with an audible "click.

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Windows 98 - how to set up your network card to connect to your router About the Author Based mostly in Norwich, UK, Charles Jackson has been writing articles professionally for the Web since First, physically connect your computer to a high-speed modem using Ethernet cable.

How to Connect Windows 98 Internet Explorer to a High Speed Modem by Iam Jaebi Internet Explorer is the default browser included with your installation of Windows 98 and acts as an integral part of the Windows operating system to connect your computer to the Internet.

Step 3 Choose the third option, allowing you to set up your connection manually. Pull on the cable gently to ensure it is properly seated.

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Share on Facebook Although Windows 98 is now an outdated operating system which is no longer supported by Microsoft, there is still no reason why you should have to be restricted to dial-up Internet access.

Green lights on the front of the modem confirm that it is working.

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He has completed college-level English language and English literature studies. On the next page, ensure that both boxes are unchecked.

Software Connections Double-click the blue Internet Explorer icon on the desktop.

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Second, configure the networking software to establish a connection to the Internet. Step 1 Connect an Ethernet cable between your broadband router and the back of your computer. Hardware Connections 1 Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the "Ethernet" or "Internet" port on the high-speed modem.

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Connecting Internet Explorer with Windows 98 to a high-speed modem requires two steps. Items you will need. Setting up a wired or even wireless Internet connection in Windows 98 is almost as straightforward as it is with more recent operating systems.

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