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You'll also find a "Behind the Braids" family vlog, showing what goes on behind the scenes in our home, every other Sunday! Today's Vlogmas video is the follow up video from the Double Dare question we asked you a few weeks ago!

Special thanks to our school for letting us film on the grounds, and to Mrs. In this week's video, we'll show you several of the ways we may disagree with one another!

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Chaos runs towards Avila and hits a big boot. Avila waits for Chaos to get up, and then goes springboard hitting a Somersault Plancha.

How did I do? We don't need one, because we have all of you!

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She seriously has like doe eyes! Well, I bet you can guess which one won? I guess as twins we are naturally close since birth, but I don't think either radio dada focsani online dating us expected it to be this hard and awkward!

Thanks again to Arizona Jean Co for sponsoring this video! Who would you give it to? Firewall Block unwanted connections. We had a great time filming this challenge video for you, with Collins Key and his brother Devan Key!

Friends By Marshmallo And Anne Marie Trap Remix

Click the link above to preorder!!! Just an odd glare before Arinelli hammers in some right hands to C. Ross-"You want some competition,you're looking at some. You can find all of the items we mentioned in the video above, by clicking the links below! Regarding this Pop Tarts Challenge, which team do you think will win the game?

You can help us translate this video, and get credit below! We all knew about it, and gave special permission to Brett, an All State cross country star, to ask her since his mom and I were best friends in high school and roommates in college.

Winner - Don’t Flirt

In fact, I was super proud of Parker's eye liner skills! Who do you think really won? Can identical twins hack iPhone X's facial recognition software? Here are 10 ways to ask that special someone to prom! He then runs out to the parking lot to check on his car which is gone!

Thanks for all you do to support us and our family on this wild adventure that is YouTube! I defeated,and outclassed,Benson De Silva. We met Lilly in Singapore back inand I think we can all agree that she is an amazingly-talented comedienne.

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We put our trust in you, and you guys really came through! We never had me and you,one on one. Share this video with them! We know people who really eat these items together!

For the first test, we wore identical clothes, hair, and makeup.

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Obviously, we exaggerated those behaviors here Enjoy Kamri herself, or a new funny skit or sketch comedy each week, as Kamri becomes a year old version of the amazing Carol Burnett!

We were laughing so hard, and Kamri really had fun with it! He comes out smiling! Every year we have expectations for how the last day of school will go, and life never really happens that way.

Who ever would have thought of Nose Basketball? Chris and Brian King go nose to nose before Mischief throws them over the top rope,great strength used there.

There is so much more! They exchange right hands very fast before both just backing off.

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Now, these food combinations are not made up! Both of us, Niki and Gabi, copy eachother's instagrams!

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Well,it ain't that time yet. Then, comment below with if you already subscribed to Collins and are excited to see more Vlogmas videos from us!

WINNER DOn't Flirt

Tickets are available here Since Asa and I get to spend so much little time together while he is here, we try to make the time as efficient and fun as possible. We even have Daddy Do's, hairstyles so easy that even a daddy can do them! Please help us translate this How Twins Fight video, and get credit below!

We definitely had an adventure filming this video and doing all the research for it! The puppies we found we asleep, so we held a few other cute and fluffy pets!

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How many of you can relate to any of these school or class situations? Curious to see how she gets asked! Zurawski,Shaw,Jones and Arinelli all come out boos! Our IP cloak masks your real IP address with one of our anonymous IP addresses, effectively keeping websites and internet services from tracking your webbrowsing habits, monitoring what you search for, and discovering your geographic location.

You'll see Dax, Paisley, Rylan, Kamri and us! Whoah Mr Money in the Bank is gone. The situations are specific and real, yet exaggerated for effect, for each of our siblings.