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Albanian women were as a rule faithful to their husbands.

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Be aware that it's very hard to get parts or repairs for modern bicycles. Note that the coastline stretching to the north from Vlore to the Montenegrin border is flat and contains sand beaches. Also related to this basic root are the Turkish and Greek words for Albanians and the Albanian language.

The Albanian language, shqipis Indo-European, although it is not a member of any of the major branches of the Indo-European family.

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In addition to these traditional settlements, there are large communities of Albanian emigrants in Greece, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany. Albania is a patriarchal society based on male predominance.

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Police will stop you if you have not turned on your car lights. Getting through passport control will take about 30 minutes. This caste system broke down with the fall of the communist regime wm tabelle albanien dating has been replaced by a system where status is determined exclusively by wealth.

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Unusual among the moods is the admirative, which is used to express astonishment. The census for the Republic of Albania gives a total population of 3, Many rural convenience stores will not accept any other method of payment other than cash.

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History of Albanian Literature Inhis fortress at Kruja was taken by the Turks, and Albania experienced four centuries of Ottoman rule. A new motorway is being constructed between Elbasan and Tirana.

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Some mines, chrome in particular, are still in production, but most have stagnated under pressure from foreign competition. Meals for guests or for ceremonial occasions such as weddings usually involve copious amounts of meat, washed down with Albanian rakian alcoholic beverage.

Socialization Child Rearing and Education. Under the communist regime, which called for absolute equality and the rule of a single working class, there were in fact three social castes.

This product was designated to be returned to HP. Warranty types Warranty removed from product: Most prewar writers and intellectuals who had not left the country by regretted their decision to stay.

It matches the product: Public order broke down in as a result of a lack of political and economic planning.

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Product sold without warranty: Whether the Albanian language stems from Illyrian or Thracian, both, or neither is a matter of contention. This road is only suitable for 4x4 vehicles and motorbikes designed for off-road use. As little is known about the Illyrians and there are no historical records referring to the existence of the Albanian people during the first millennium C.

Food was in short supply, and despite communist propaganda, the country never attained self-sufficiency. Many graves date back to the independence movement of the early twentieth century.