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Procedure The course instructor required the graduate students to administer and score the WJ III COG four times throughout one semester, resulting in a total of test administrations across the 36 students. Therefore, it is important that the administration and scoring of cognitive tests are performed without error.

In addition, incorrect entry of subtests raw scores into the software program occurred for a total of 51 times across the test records. Cognitive Ability Tests Results from these cognitive ability tests are acceptable the edition current at time of testing should be used: Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment, 25, Mather, N.

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Table 3 shows the percent of test records that contained incorrect ceilings in radiocarbon dating vs amstar Numbers Reversed, General Information, Auditory Attention, and Memory for Words subtests.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the checklist used for data collection in this study did not allow raters to fill in warmtebeeldcamera flirting raw scores from the protocols, which in turn made it difficult to determine which types of errors had a significant impact on raw scores.

A review of the errors made by the students on each WJ III COG subtest indicated that the three most frequently occurring errors were the use of incorrect ceilings, failure to record examinee errors, and failure to encircle the correct row for the total number correct Table 3.

The raters were advanced-level graduate students who had previously taken the same course with the same instructor and had been trained by the instructor on how to use the checklist.

Table 1 provides a summary of several studies that have assessed examiner errors on the various Wechsler Scales. They are not sufficient documentation when used alone and should be supplemental to other achievement tests.

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Understand the Documentation Guidelines The guidelines explain the kinds of documentation that are most helpful to the College Board. C Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Investigate instruction of graduate training courses in cognitive assessment to determine commonly used instructional methods in training programs.

See Extended Time Accommodation: Another similarity between the results of this study and previous woodcock johnson test of cognitive abilities online dating of the Wechsler Scales is the average number of errors across test records. Interrater reliability was not calculated because subjectivity was minimal with the use of the checklist.

Frequency of clerical errors on WISC protocols. To be eligible for testing accommodations on College Board exams, students must document their disability. Considering the increasing use of the WJ III COG series in practice and training, approximately graduate programs to date in various disciplines of psychology Woodcock-Munoz Foundation, personal communication, September 19,it is important to determine the administration and scoring accuracy of examiners who use this measure.

The results of this study may be used to inform training programs so that appropriate steps can be taken to decrease the number of examiner errors on the WJ III COG and similar cognitive test batteries. Therefore, the checklist first developed by Schermerhorn and Alfonso for use in course instruction and consisting of possible errors for each subtest on the WJ III COG was used in this study to determine the number and types of errors in each test record e.

Reading Results from these reading achievement tests are acceptable the edition current at time of testing should be used: For instance, these errors included failure to complete identifying information and failure to answer additional questions.

All 36 participants included in this study were first-year students who had not been previously exposed to any cognitive test, including the WJ III COG. Evidence that we do err. Examiners also failed to record the incorrect responses of the examinees.

Examiner errors on the Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children: Raters were simply asked to report if the error had occurred, or if it was not applicable to the subtest.

Journal of School Psychology, 28, Kaufman, A.

Common Diagnostic Tests

Students with learning disorders or ADHD may be asked to provide cognitive and academic achievement testing. Because additional data have been collected since the Braden and Alfonso publication, this study expands on the work and results reported previously to assess further the types and frequency of examiner errors that occur during the administration and scoring of the WJ III COG.

Investigate the impact of incorrect raw scores on derived standard scores. The Intelligence Test Desk Reference: Here the eighth figure is the most appropriate match among the given options. There are no negative points for in-correct answers, answering all questions are mandatory. The checklist was adapted from a similar checklist used for the Wechsler Scales that describes common administration errors found in each subtest Alfonso et al.

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Further analyses indicated three frequently occurring errors, including the use of incorrect ceilings, failure to record errors, and failure to encircle the correct row for the total number correct.

A sample question is show below, the aim is to identify the most appropriate match out of the given eight. For instance, Alfonso, Oakland, LaRocca, and Spanakos revealed that many school psychology training programs offered only one semester of instruction in cognitive assessment.

Journal of Personality Assessment, 61, Roid, G.

There were six additional errors that occurred during the administration of the protocols that are not reflected in this table because the errors were not specific to any subtests. Ten students were enrolled in the course in the first semester that data were collected, 12 during the second semester, and 18 during the third semester.

Summary of Previous Research Previous research that has investigated examiner errors on the various Wechsler Scales indicates that regardless of the examiners level of training professional or graduate studenta significant number of errors have been found across test records Alfonso et al.

Professional School Psychology, 1, Piotrowski, C. Data from 36 graduate students across test records revealed a total of errors across all records.

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Integration of cognitive assessment and response to intervention [Special issue]. The scoring uses a standard deviation of 15 and score compares closely to a professionally-administered Mensa IQ test.

A discussion of performance could include, for example, an explanation of inconsistent data on different neurocognitive and psychological tests, performance patterns, observed behaviors, and embedded validity indicators.

Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Achievement general and extended batteries that include fluency measures Scholastic Abilities Test for Adults Wechsler Individual Achievement Test, with reading rate measure Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement Gates-MacGinitie Reading Tests when individually administered Mathematics Results from these math achievement tests are acceptable the edition current at time of testing should be used: It is recommended that instructors consider these findings when teaching the WJ series of tests and take steps, such as double-checking the protocols and subtest scores, practicing a number of administrations, and providing feedback on these administrations, to try to reduce the number of errors.

Research & Results

The test consists of 60 questions which is to be answered in approximately 40 minutes. Journal of School Psychology, 30, Woodcock, R.

The difference in the number of errors across the three test records for each graduate student was also assessed. A national survey of course instructors.

Timed Tests Results from these achievement tests are acceptable as measures of skills in a timed setting and should be used to document the need for extended time. Identifying the types of examiner errors that occur most frequently will provide valuable information that may be used to prepare graduate students and practitioners alike for the administration and scoring of this instrument.

For example, on the Wechsler Scales, examiners failed to record examinee responses verbatim and used incorrect basal and ceilings Alfonso et al.

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