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But what harmonies and what strumming.

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I knew Sarah was perfect for it. She had her EP pressed in vinyl, copies, then painted the jacket covers in a grid as filmed here. We are based out of Burlington, Ontario.

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Although there are well over 60 highly entertaining clips available there, this page concentrates on the ones featuring Sarah. For sure, I totally agree with that.

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Sarah'd been a folk singer for ages. This is a new one for Sarah: I am just over 5 months along and we are super excited to finally share this with you! We will be releasing an EP sometime in mid Just one more question before we tinder dating website email it up.

Gianni sports a Nick Slaughter uniform for the occasion and Sarah has an orchid in her hair. A lot of the videos are very tongue in cheek, colourful and fun.

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Timeout for household chores. People started wondering about the two by now, hoping things were as they appeared to be. But listen carefully how they switch harmony parts.

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Other than that, you can expect to see us doing some one-offs around the Greater Toronto Area. Tweet Sarah your congrats and best wishes.

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As for the cover videos, some of our fan favourites are: Fairytale of New York Back to work and to a rooftop on Manhattan, visiting the Big Apple to say hello to Gianni's nephew who stars in a Broadway production. But back to Sarah and you; where are you usually based?

Sarah and I decided to go and visit him. WOTE's music is something to watch as well.

Interview: Gianni Luminati’s Fairytale in New York with Sarah Blackwood

They fucking nail it, as Marshall says. Okay well our main goal for is to keep working our asses off on music and to increase our YouTube followers from 30, subscribers to at leastsubscribers.

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Every cover is therefore original and numbered to boot. Then kick back and enjoy WOTE's music.

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What do you do when you're that bored? Was the video actually shot in New York? As for our music, I would want them to listen to any of the new songs off our new album due for release early So I would not say working with her has taken any time away from the band at all, no… in fact it has done the opposite.

Taking a song that should have gone nowhere from a group that should have done the same and turning it into pure entertainment.

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Love Sponge Another one from the Caribe that had people wondering 'how did they do that? We really want to get over to Europe and mainly UK due to the fact that a HUGE part of our online followers are from there and we have a lot of people asking us to come there as of late.

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We are also hoping to get on another leg of Warped Tour this summer so we can get back to the US. Here's a performance from right off the road and with no sleep of the group's big hit 'The Garden'.

The more the merrier, I guess as long as youre comfortable and confident in the originality of your sound then other bands are not competition anyway.

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Not taking over from the band, but going hand in hand i guess. She joined the psychobilly group Creepshow to prepare to replace her older sister who'd decided to stay home and make babies.

We are also very good friends with Saint Alvia, The Organ Thieves and probably a few other outfits that have slipped my mind right now.