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Young's school was the nucleus of the later Wrangell Institutea boarding school for Alaska Natives through the midth century. Chum Salmon Chum The chum salmon Oncorhynchus keta is a species of anadromous fish in the salmon family. The "Git Setti" people tell of their migration story in a totem raised in Wrangell in called "Kickssetti" Totem.

The name chum salmon comes from the Chinook Jargon term tzum, meaning "spotted" or "marked", while keta in the scientific name comes from the Evenki language of Eastern Siberia via Russian. The Nass River people had several migrations into the area.

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Fluvial forms live in moderate to large freshwater riverine environments and migrate into smaller tributaries to spawn. Hall Younga colleague of Sheldon Jacksonwas assigned to the Wrangell mission and arrived best online dating websites ireland July 10, The weekly newspaperThe Wrangell Sentinel, was founded inand printed its first issue on November 2 of that year.

The town is named after the island, which was named after Ferdinand Petrovich Wrangelsebts online dating Russian explorer and the administrator of the Russian-American Company from to Coho salmon have also been introduced in all the Great Lakes, as well as many landlocked reservoirs throughout the United States.

They can grow up to 84 cm in length and weigh 2. As a member of the genus Oncorhynchus, it is one of the Pacific trout, a group that includes the widely distributed rainbow trout.

Dolly Varden are found in three distinct forms.

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The specific name clarkii was given to honor explorer William Clark, coleader of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The numerous petroglyphs found at Petroglyph Beach just north of Wrangell, as well as those scattered on the beaches of the many islands in the vicinity, attest to the long Tlingit occupation.

Juveniles remain in freshwater until they are ready to migrate to the ocean, over distances of up to 1, km.

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Small red spots are present on the lower sides. The female salmon may lay her eggs in four to five nesting pockets within a redd. Although many populations are semi-anadromous, fluvial and lacustrine populations occur throughout its range.

It is considered by taxonomists as part of the Salvelinus alpinus or Arctic char complex, as many populations of bull trout, Dolly Varden trout and Arctic char overlap.

The US army made an ultimatum demanding Sccutd-doo's surrender, and following bombardment of the Stikine Indian village, the villagers handed Scutd-doo over to the military in the fort, where he was court-martialed and publicly hanged before the garrison and assembled natives on 29 December, [7] stating before he was hanged that he had acted in revenge against the occupants of the fort for the killing of Lowan and not against Smith in particular.

These are frequently indistinct. It consists of a master carver, Wayne Price, and six assistants, four of them women accepted after intensive training in the use of the traditional adze tool.

It is in the genus Salvelinus of true chars, which includes 51 recognized species, the most prominent being the brook, lake and bull trout, as well as Arctic char.

While on business travels, Waters began to acquire Indian artifacts and make valuable contacts with Indian artisans. Sockeye Salmon Sockeye salmon Oncorhynchus nerkaalso called red salmon or blueback salmon, is an anadromous species of salmon found in the Northern Pacific Ocean and rivers discharging into it.

Sockeye salmon are semelparous, dying after they spawn. In common with other species found in the Pacific, the anal fin has 12 to 20 rays, compared with a maximum of 12 in European species.

When they move into fresh water the color changes to dark olive green and the belly color deepens. Pacific halibut fishing is managed by the International Pacific Halibut Commission.

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This approach accommodated unlimited participation in the fishery while allowing regulators to control the quantity of fish caught annually by controlling the number and timing of openings.

The word is derived from haly holy and butte flat fishfor its popularity on Catholic holy days. Chinook spawn in larger and deeper waters than other salmon species and can be found on the spawning redds nests from September to December.

Its popularity is due in part to the reckless abandon which it frequently displays chasing bait and lure while in salt water, and the large number of coastal streams it ascends during its spawning runs.

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The commercial catch world record is lb 57 kg caught near Rivers Inlet, British Columbia, in the late s. The community has always been a center of the Tlingit Kaach. After laying eggs, females guard the redd from four to 25 days before dying, while males seek additional mates.

Climate data for Wrangell.

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It is a Pacific salmon, and may also be known as dog salmon or keta salmon, and is often marketed under the name silverbrite salmon. Cutthroat trout are popular gamefish, especially among anglers who enjoy fly fishing. The farthest inland sockeye salmon travel is to Redfish Lake Idaho over miles 1, km from the ocean and 6, feet 2, m in elevation.

Regulators declared time slots when fishing was open typically 24—48 hours at a time and fisherman raced to catch as many pounds as they could within that interval.

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Their diet consists primarily of zooplankton. In July year-old Jack McGuire caught a pound Pacific halibut in Glacier Bay, Alaska this is however discounted from records because it was shot to prevent injury to those on the boat.

During their spawning phase, their jaws and teeth become hooked. The approach led to unsafe fishing, as openings were necessarily set before the weather was known, forcing fisherman to leave port regardless of the weather.

Having been Tlingit territory and then under the jurisdiction of Russia, Great Britain, and the United States, Wrangell has the unique status as the only Alaskan city to have been governed under four "flags".

They also have a large kype during spawning. The renowned Bear Totem Storebuilt in the s by Walter Watershoused innumerable examples of Tlingit arts and crafts, as well as a number of irreplaceable totem poles.

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The record for chum is 19 kg 42 lb and cm 44 in and was caught at Edie Pass in British Columbia. It is also known and somewhat forgotten, that first peoples coastal migration to the Stikine River happened from the south. Halibut Halibut is a common name principally applied to the two flatfish in the genus Hippoglossus from the family of right-eye flounders.

This is awaiting certification. The Tlingit had used the Stikine River as a trade route to the interior since ancient times, and they protested when the Hudson's Bay Company began to use their trade routes.

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After entering fresh water, they develop bright-red sides, bluish-green heads and backs, dark bellies and dark spots on their backs. Silver Salmon During their ocean phase, coho salmon have silver sides and dark-blue backs. The back and sides are olive green or muddy gray, shading to white on the belly.

The community around the post continued to grow through commerce with prospectors in the gold rushes of—77, and The Pacific halibut is the world's largest flatfish.

Some Chinooks return to the fresh water one or two years earlier than their counterparts, and are referred to as "jack" salmon.