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Wwe summer rae and fandango dating, summer rae and layla ditch fandango! - wwe smackdown - 11th july 2014

The couple gets into a serious discussion about birth control and kids.

Summer Rae and Fandango go on a date.

Summer Rae definitely feels that she and Fandango have good chemistry in the ring, not to mention the fact that he's really cute. Natalya with a takedown.

But Summer Rae's reaction isn't quite what we were expecting. Unconvinced, Brie's mom mentions that she should be more sensitive to Nikki, who may never get the wedding she wants because her boyfriend John doesn't ever want to get married.

Khali follows for a big chop in the corner. Brie pulls Nikki aside and apologizes for being a bridezilla.

Layla def. Summer Rae (with Fandango as special guest referee) | WWE

By the look on Nikki's face, she doesn't seem too thrilled. It doesn't help that she just turned 30 and is beginning to feel "too single. After their match, she decides to put the moves on a shirtless Fandango She's excited but also nervous. After trying on several beautiful gowns, Brie finally finds the dress of her dreams.

Then Jon shows up and notices it too.

He says that his career is his top priority right now and that he's not looking to rush into anything. Khali takes control and sends Fandango across the ring.

The two clearly have different ideas as to what is appropriate.

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Summer Rae is back at Fandango's place, where they decide to have another drink. He says Miami known nothing about salsa dancing. Summer comes in and argues with Khali, which brings Natalya in.

Summer with a takedown and jackknife cover for a 2 count. Meanwhile, Trinity finds Jon and apologizes for not telling him from the start.

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While in the car with Ariane and Eva Marie, Trinity mentions that she's considering getting a new birth control implant that would be inserted in her arm and would keep her from getting pregnant for three years.

Fandango tags in and dances to Natalya. She attempts to explain why she feels that she is right. Natalya with a 2 count now. Fandango grabs him but Khali makes the save. She wants to look into a new method of birth control, but Jon thinks that whatever happens, happens.

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She accepts her sister's apology and the two proceed to hug it out. GenYoutube is based on super fast script which can handle a number of downloads simultaneously. Fandango and Summer do a little salsa dancing.

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The sexual tension is high between the two of them Brie begins to rethink her behavior and decides that she needs to talk to Nikki. Later on, Brie tells her mother what happened with her sister. Summer Rae stops by Eva Marie 's hotel room and is in need of some major cheering up.

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Rae's post-match attack on Emma started a feud between them. Fandango and Khali go at it to start the match. Looks like the wedding is back on!

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She thinks it's better if she gets it and then tells him after. She promises to always consult him first before making a big decision that will affect the both of them. John adds more weight before lifting.

Money in the Bank

Natalya goes for a Sharpshooter but Summer blocks it and rolls her up for the win. Could love be in the cards for these two?

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Fandango taunts Natalya and dodges a slap from her. They go to a bar for some margaritas to get the night started They go to their feet and trade holds again.

WWE: Fandango Dumps Summer Rae For Layla

Fandango dropkicks Khali's leg and starts working it over. She played as a quarterback and was the team's captain. Khali brings Fandango in the ring over the top rope. Jon is hurt and says that it was shady of her to do that behind his back.