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Yanipir and acclamator dating games, právě v kinech: mission impossible - fallout

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I was just about to start talking about my big shiny boat, but nah Like have you ever said to yourself "Swede would never done that" or "Serb would do this differently"?

We've just met each other, hang around for few days.

Ani největší LoL turnaje nedosahují na prizepool The International

What was the first big unforseen problem? I loved boats much before I've got my nickname. Allthough one thing I remember, that was just To see how much influence we've had, to see the people get together, get to know each other, be huge part of each other's life.

We weren't starting from zero.

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Mojo, her brother, really though we would be mean to her and scary. I can imagine duo-streaming could be difficult sometimes. Like for example Acclamator's love for boats?

But this was years ago, probably five years ago, so thats when we first met eachother.

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That was the best! The last one was in Rotterdam? Me and Yani both streamed alone, so I figured, why don't we try something new. And thats how we first met and then it was years and years of playing together. People have already known us and wanted to meet us or see us more often.

[Interview] YACC - CG Acclamator and CG Yanipir

It's something bigger than us, bigger than me and Yani and stream itself, even than the game We just wanted to have fun streaming but then in turned into a scheduled streams. It can actually help you, because you can count on the other person.

So it didnt take long to make the stream work. Because Acclamator is a spaceship from Star Wars. He wanted to keep her away from us, but after a while, she got to introduce herself.

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I can imagine it could be a bit scary. Now that you mention League events, which one did you like the most so far? There were only solo streamers at that time, except some talkshows etc. Only passing through Bratislava.

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Big thanks to our friend Najt for making this Interview possible. We spent a lot of time just hanging around, we didn't go much sightseeing, but that was one of the best trips Ive been to, to be honest.

Less at the start because Yea, duo-streaming itself is not a problem at all.

Acclamator on Coub

No no no, do that! Kozel is Czech, yea. He didn't understand me and I was too shy to ask him again. Do you want us to add something special to the introduction of you two?

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That was a year and half ago, I think