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You got me shook up on your loving lyrics search, in the know

The O'Jays - You Got Your Hooks In Me,

If I remember correctly, the lyrics are about the girl doing something and the singer being surprised about it turning him on.

But it was like the guy trying to keep the girl in the house n she trying to break free but he says something like im trying to love you or keep you or something like that. Nice and stuntin' and thumpin', ya boy moanin' and gruntin', And all the while ya laughin' now he say he won't Turn the tables, keep em' spinnin' like spree's, please Keep em' tamed, complain' you won't change Emotionally, coast is me, I'm a G.

I just remember a couple of words like "anyone" and "chasing the sun" or "praising the sun".

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If anyone can help, it will make me so happy. But I never asked the streamers for the name of the song.

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And now I'm all shook up 'Cause I've been finding out a lot about you, girl Just running 'round in circles over you, it's true Yes, I'm all shook up You've got me all shook up Minute by minute, got tired of stepping in it And I can't ride this train anymore So what's in store for a fool and a dreamer?

I'm pretty sure it's the percussion, soft guitar, and breathy voice that liebesflirt netgear my brain make the connection between the two songs.

Warning Lyrics

What's so good about good-bye? Im looking for a song sung by a female African American I think, and it goes something like this It has a soft, semi-slow hipster feel to it. So the lyrics I can remember are either lately, I've been thinking or I've been thinking.

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It is not chasing the sun of the wanted tho xD and the drop is like: If that isnt enough then I'll just wait til the song comes up and ask then.

And I liked it" or maybe it's "and she There is a song thats like hyped up and it goes like Who run the streets? But the sound of the song is like half upbeat and half sad. It was sung by a male with a soft voice and it was kind of fast paced.

Nelson - (You Got Me) All Shook Up Lyrics

The song that made me remember the mystery song is "Broken" by Lund. In love with you How am I supposed to do everything? It goes like Jason 09 August Reply So I've heard this song multiple times from different streams.

It's definitely not a cover of I Kissed a Girl.

"Shook Up" lyrics

And i csnt rememeber anything else. Little by little, you put me in the middle And I can't stop the rain from falling down Falling down like my world around me, to drown me I'm just shakin' my head, looking for an answer As I watch all my heartstrings unwind No, I can't hide from my worst suspicions, I've listened To every little tale she tells Bought every little lie she sells Chorus: You're lying right next to me Trying so hard to be Something that i need Chchsj 09 August Reply Please I'm looking for the title of a song that have a David guettish style.

The way your touchin' my body, babe Feels right Don't stop makin' me fantasize He turns the lights off and loves my body Natural feeling, I can't describe it What a relationship, so contagious He gives me all I want, that's why I'm faded Shook Up [Hook: I'm pretty sure sung by a guy, but he has a soft, breathy quality to his voice.

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When I'm shook up, shook up, shook up How can I make it through the day? Tweet]How can I make it through the day?

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It's a rock song, a guy is singing, I can only remember the chorus, it goes like this: The only lyrics I can remember are "and she I can't find this song anywhere and I can't get the tune out if my head until I listen to it!

I believed her And now I'm speaking in tongues, lying to the mirror I'm afraid that I still haven't learned Don't be concerned if you see me crying, its only me dyin' 'Cause everything I had is gone Everything that's right's gone wrong Chorus I don't wanna play, I don't wanna hear it Nothing's gonna change my mind I say, "Hey, while you're leavin', tell me: Everything, you are my everything [Rap: Everything, you are my everything Time: It just came witht he hpone.

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Free]Keep a G on stash No, I don't mean cash Let him know you gotta be so bad Maintain ya protein like amino ac Make ya boat fiend, show em' it's yo scene Sex like heron, clothes is mo' fiend Fa sure he approachin' the jokes that most dream You ain't gotta do everything You could keep him in pocket, have him goin' through change He say he won't well be patient, he frontin'