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I was quite aware of this. This peculiar Polish-German-Jewish amalgam of Lodz population at that time is extremely interesting; it seduces with colour, variety of customs and of human types and attitudes. In fact, he shows - in a much more penetrating way than Reymont - the emptiness of their lives disguised in dynamic infantilism and deadened by the automatic response of making "big money" at all costs.

It fits into wide range of great realistic novels depicturing socioeconomic transformations and whole spectrum of people and their attitudes, the world where greed and callousness vie for the palm with envy and indifference.

And their buisness plan can be summed up with these words: One of the three leading characters is a Pole, the secong - a German, and the third - a Jew. Each of the characters speak his own language, expressing in Polish thoughts translated from German, Russian, or Yiddish, and thus creating a linguistic richness not present in any other Polish novel written at the end of the 19th century.

Reymont described people who after Romanticism initiated a new development in our history. The novel, someone called it a treatise on making money, follows fates of three friends.

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Renata Pajchel In springtired and dissatisfied with myself, I occupied myself with work around the house. So rough is the economy, that some mill owners are burning down their mills for the insurance money.

Such an interpretation was not faithful to the original, since Reymont's novel was at times very anti-Semitic. Konrad Eberhardt "Kino", Warsaw, December, It might seem that Wajda is fascinated by the robust vitality, energy and enterprise of three young heroes of Promised Land, and by their lack of inhibitions and sexual appetites.

I'm a bit astonished at myself for not reading it earlier for I loved it reckless adaptation directed by Andrzej Wajda. Andrzej Wajda Reviews Andrzej Wajda not only discarded Reymont's emotional descriptions, he also parted with some of his illusions, such as that decent and persevering people "could survive in Lodz.

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And that way the novel has somewhat anti-urban overtone. The gigantic factories, who is rihanna dating august 2018 long black sprawling bodies and slim neck-like chimneys loomed in the night, fog and rain - woke slowly, gushed flames from their stoked fires, exhaled billowing smoke, and began to come alive and move in the darkness which still enveloped the land.

The value of this film lies in the ruthless assessment of Polish history, as it disproves the convenient thesis that the "bad guys" were always the Jews or the Germans.

The pacing is not sedate like other period pieces. According to Wajda his inhuman attitude was due to circumstances: Language is ripe, dialogues vivid, smell of money and desire for profit feels almost tangible and wholeness just pulsates with energy.

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Kneeling, I managed to cut a surface not much bigger than a table, and then decided I preferred to make films after all.

The first shrill factory whistle rendered the silence of early morning. Constantly irritated with Polish idealism, this stupid sentimentalism, that need for honour but secretly feels kind of reluctant respectfulness for honest people and in some uncorrupted corner of his heart even envies them.

Moritz Welt is a Jew and is good at accounting and has, as the say, a head for buisness.

The Promised Land

Max Baum in turn is a German and son of minor manufacterer. Reymont painted very persuasive portrait of the restless city, evoked social inequality and mosaic portrait of human types, brought to life sumptuous residences and palaces of the rich and shabby, dank barracks inhabited by workers, showed consumed with ennui daughters of the fabricants and their poverty-stricken peers dying from tuberculosis and hard work.

And in its powerful jaws it crushed and chewed up people and things, sky and earth, in return giving useless millions to a handful of people, and hunger and hardship to the whole throng. They found a factory together, and are linked by a shared business and by a sense of belonging to the group of "Lodzermensch" - the men of Lodz.

Also the dialogues proved to be nearly phonetic records of the language used by people observed by Reymont. However, the greatest source of riches for the film was Reymont's novel itself.

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Reymont created colorful and vivid picture of the city where the sounds of factory sirens set the rhythm of life, the city that sucked people dry, poisoned their minds and corrupted souls.

Only Horn Piotr Fronczewskia junior accountant, makes a statement in protest. I immediately felt light and full of energy. The city attracted like a magnet and through some decades of nineteenth century developed and morphed from backwater town into industrial city built on new fortunes, textiles mills and human misery.

In Wajda's film, Borowiecki remains the most vicious and destructive character until the very end. Karol politely declines to help one friend who refuses to go the arson route, killing himself instead.

The project was accepted and next summer we began to shoot. For that 'promised land' — for that tumor — villages were deserted, forests died out, the land was depleted of its treasures, the rivers dried up, people were born.

The trio of them then need to build up a fortune. Krystyna had just sown the lawn and the experts advised us that the first trimming had to be done with scissors. These ethnic differences do not come between them.

The main accusation against the director was that he equipped Borowiecki, a Pole, with the most disgusting features of the three. Pole, Karol Borowiecki is a chemistry engineer and works currently for German fabricant, Bucholz. Promised Land is the only Polish novel of this type, absolutely unique in Polish literature.

You can see it, you can hear it and definitely you can smell it. Borowiecki, being the least wealthy, had to be particularly ruthless in order to achieve success.

Buisness is business, right? The vast majority of characters in Promised Land are creatures who openly admit that in their activity they are not guided by ethics, who do openly do things that members of the more enlightened Western middle class tend to veil in patriotic slogans, justify by "higher goals", or compensate by ostensible "charity.

Rather, the movie set in in Lodz, Poland moves back and forth smoothly and quickly between workers and owners with a focus on Karol Borowiecki Daniel Olbrychski who manages a mill for Bucholz Andrzej Szalawski with ruthless efficiency, taking a second to mourn the loss of a worker's life before complaining about the damage to the fabric from the spilled blood.