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They are public, and admission is free.

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After registration you only need to be signed in with your user account details to access the journal. The program draws on the zukunftsphilologie islam datehookup expertise of scholars in and outside of Germany and is embedded in university and extra-university research institutions in Berlin.

This will be followed by direct engagement with texts and a comparison as well as a discussion of research approaches. I have been recently appointed Associate Professor Transcription 1 Call for applications 4 14 SeptemberCape Town In the framework of the research program Zukunftsphilologie: Applications should be submitted in English by January 31, and must be sent by as one PDF file to: May 19, ; 4—7 p.

IFAS-Research hosts students and researchers from all over the world during their field trips in Southern Africa and assists Southern African researchers doing research work in Europe. For a scribe or a copyist, a script is a model to be imitated, an ideal and a reference.

What can the study of the actual form and style of script parenting age difference in dating formula us about its wider context, and the broader political and cultural aspects that it reflects? Can the invention of new script forms or the adoption of foreign forms contribute to cultural loss or political emancipation and progress?

Irrespective of what a script conveys or what conveys a scriptit is an exceptional marker in establishing not only the circulation of texts, but also that of ideas and people circulations made visible by all the intermediaries and facets involved in the circulation of scripts: Scholars are also invited to apply with their own funding.

World Philologies Seminar Summer | Islam Dayeh إسلام دية -

Particular preference will be given to applicants whose proposals exemplify a conscious dovetailing of comparative methodology and historiographical reflection. The World Philologies Seminar series has been conducted since as part of the Zukunftsphilologie program.

In recent decades, the notion of script has been at the centre of philosophical analysis e. Successful applicants will be fellows of EUME at the Forum Transregionale Studien and associate members of one of the university or non-university research institutes listed below.

One fellowship provided by the Zukunftsphilologie islam datehookup Coninx Foundation is reserved for a scholar at risk and offers scholars who suffer threats of life, liberty, and well-being in their own countries a safe location and conducive academic environment to carry out their research.

Philological Encounters

The first seminar will be held May 19,by the Arabic studies scholar Yasir Suleiman from the University of Cambridge, who will give an introduction to the topic "Language Ideology: Leadership Alumni This page features our alumni's academic and professional accomplishments.

Are there competing and conflicting spaces? Why were and are certain scripts viewed as markers of cultural progress while others are considered decadent and un-modern? The Tombouctou Manuscripts Project at the University of Cape Town is dedicated to researching various aspects of writing and reading the handwritten works of Timbuktu and beyond.

Teaching The undergraduate course I will teach this semester, 'Introduction to Persian Literature' ISLAintroduces students to a selection of verse and prose texts from the 10th to 19th century canon of Persian and concludes in its last quarter with a consideration of Persian novels, stories and poems authored in Iran since the early 20th century.

For more information please visit: Its mission is to promote the creation of mixed research teams through calls for proposals as per annual programmes. Related to this issue of scriptural hegemony, we also seek to consider local scripts and minor practices of writing. The names of two university faculty members who can serve as referees no letters of recommendation required While we do not require official proof of English fluency, applicants whose native tongue is not English are expected to have a strong command of the language.


Activate your free access in 4 easy steps: What is it that circulates exactly? Before submitting an application, interested applicants are strongly advised to visit the Zukunftsphilologie website for a description of the research program and a list of previous events, including reports of the previous Cairo and Delhi Winter Schools.

Perspectives on the Qur'an: Participants receive a stipend covering travel and accommodation. The Summer Academy will encourage examination of the politics of script transformation and implementation.

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The program explores modernity as a historical space and conceptual frame. The Summer Academy will consider cases of script circulation. Through its globally operating institutes, the Foundation is able to contribute to the communication and networking between Germany and the host countries or regions of its establishments.

How can we characterise this coexistence? Fellowships The fellowships are intended primarily for scholars of art history, history, literature, philology, political philosophy, political science, religion and sociology who want to carry out their research projects in connection with the Berlin program.

Any scholar who faces a risk of persecution on account of belief, scholarship, or identity is eligible.

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Losenksky, In the Bazaar of Love: How do we characterise histories entangled through script? My teaching of African History and research in West Africa and the Sahara often relies on the history of Islam and its practitioners as part of the foundation of this bridge. Further Information Additional Seminars June 2, Special attention is paid to precolonial scholarship that has long been ignored in classical Western humanities scholarship as well as an integration of philological research from Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

Sheldon Pollock, Columbia University "Philology is being reborn across the globe.

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The four seminars will each start with a lecture by Yasir Suleiman, Daniel Boyarin, Elad Lapidot, and Piers Kelly respectively, who will give an introduction to the research theme under discussion. This concluding quarter calls attention to the ways in which literary modernity and modernism in Persian relates in various modes such as appropriation, ironization, rejection to the traditional literature studied in the preceding weeks.

Writings on Allahabad, Delhi: Finally, the Summer Academy will seek to rethink approaches to non- European manuscript traditions, which have been at best understudied and at worst neglected for too long since the invention of the printing press. Dahlem Dorf U3 Contact Prof. Why do some scripts travel far and are completely adopted while others are confronted with resistance and rejection?

What kind of history can a consideration of the notion of script lead us to write? Research is conducted at ten institutes in various countries worldwide with distinctive and independent focal points. The combination of a thematic introduction in the form of a lecture that provides a theoretical framework, which is followed by direct engagement with the texts and an opportunity for discussion, provides a forum for comparing research methods of various philological traditions, without neglecting the particular context of each topic.

Edinburgh University Press, The Berlin-based Forum Transregionale Studien is a research organization that promotes the internationalization of research in the humanities and social sciences.